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Ask Anita - How many clients a day do you see and how many times do you cum a day?

Well, gentlemen, I will say that since I started posting about my multiple O's, some of my gentlemen regulars have been trying to outdo one another on getting me to cum the most. I really don't think the number of O's is as important as the intensity but I do always appreciate a gentlemen's efforts. Today I have cum 9 times, one time by one gentlemen and 8 times by another gentlemen, both in their 70's (yep, gentlemen, I do find the older clients are more into DATY than even the younger ones but that isn't always the case. Maybe the gauntlet is thrown?). One client had a two hour appointment, the other client had 90 minutes.

Today I had only two gentlemen clients (regulars). Many gentlemen wanted the same time today (everyone wanted lunch today) so hump day overall has been a disappointment for humping. I am guessing that many are still either on vacation with their families over the holiday week or just too stressed with a short work week to take a "Skippy" breather. Remember, cock time is so important, gentlemen!

This past Monday I had three clients. I am not incredibly high volume if gentlemen are sitting on the fence worrying about that. My regulars are mainly ages 40 and up, with many in their 60's, 70's and some in their 80's. Many businessmen, educators, retirees, some PHD's, some attorneys, some doctors, etc. For the most part, I have anywhere from two to four clients a day. 

I think when you think high volume, it is more for the providers that host at hotels and apartments because in those instances, they can have as many clients as they want visit them and wait in the apartment or hotel parking lots. I can't have that many see me here. I live in a beautiful townhouse community in West Schaumburg so I need it to be "under the raidar" so at most I have had four clients a day and plenty of spacing between my clients. If I have to reject clients, it's mainly because so many want the exact same time as someone else has. Some days everyone wants morning appointments. Other days, its the times of 11am-130pm. And still other days, some gentlemen want 3:30-6:30pm appointments. I can never predict how it will go from day in or day out. 

I just tell my gentlemen clients whether regulars or newly verified clients and wanting to see me to just be patient and keep trying and the more notice to give me, the better! I am a lot of fun for those sitting on that fence. By the way, that fence is going to hurt "skippy" after awhile. Nothing that Anita's mouth can't fix of course (awe, let me kiss it and make it better!) but I think most of you know by now I am pretty harmless, well, unless you want me to beat your ass on purpose and be Mistress Anita!

As for the usual average of how much I cum a day, it is either once or maybe three times to sometimes five times (every day differs). It is unusual for me to go into double digits, gentlemen. I am not easy to get off so a gentlemen does need to work my clitoris, nipples, and lots of making out deep french kissing to get me in the mood and ready to get off. Skin to skin contact between the gentlemen and me, well, that gets the good old blood flowing to my clitoris too! I sometimes play with myself at the same time as the gentlemen do to get me going. Yes, mutual masturbation, always a good thing. I really don't understand how men can go so long by using their hand only. Mr. Hand is not as fun as this Wild Anita. On my days off, I sometimes will masturbate myself but to be honest, I get off so much the rest of the week that it isn't always necessary. 

I think my busier weeks may coincide more with new TER reviews being posted. This week no new TER reviews are posted for me so that means my week will be slower than last week. I did have one gentlemen who found me on TER last week tell me on Monday's visit that I did live up to the hype and definitely gave him both the GFE (girlfriend experience) and PSE (pornstar experience) that he was hoping for. He also said I was much prettier than what has been written about me. On TER, looks are more subjective though as many gentlemen find different looks attractive (some men like the blonde tan big boob barbie type and think that's HOT and a 10 to them) and maybe one gentlemen likes the small asian petite type. I mean, when I was growing up I was always called attractive or pretty. For the last three years I have been called in my reviews "ugly", "homely", "should have stayed home" "only if you're drunk", "keep my eyes closed and imagine someone else" "average", and more recently "hot" and "attractive" (thank you, as I'll take those last two descriptions as being closer to the truth!). Regarding the gentlemen that wrote those earlier reviews with the negative looks descriptions, none of them were anything to write home about looks wise.  

I can't please everyone but what I can control in my sessions is my spectacular oral skills and I can have a great passionate time in my sessions so the gentlemen fall in to have a great time as well. Wild Anita is not a robot. I have as much scintillating fun as my clients do. I think it has been working splendidly lately. I have many regulars and many that have come to see me for the first time in the last few weeks that said they enjoyed themselves and would be back. 

To my new and old regulars, thank you for giving me the gift of your business, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,