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Ask Anita - How do you feel about clients that are sick that come to see you or alternatively, do you host when you are sick?

Well, I do not host if I am not feeling well. If all the sudden the schedule shows that I am taking a day off, that could be why that is the case. If you notice after I started feeling poorly (after the EKG and doctor visit of last week), I started taking extra days off. I think I really made my self sick there (with worry) but in any event, I did not feel like hosting so I didn't.  That's the beauty of working for oneself and working from home is I can arbitrarily decide not to work on a normal day that I do work.

The first few days of a cold are the most contageous, so yes, I do take those days off as well. I am fair to my gentlemen that come to see me as I expect they would be with me. Yes, I do get gentlemen contacting me to say that they are ill and can't make it. The "Pussy Muncher" came down with a cold and he is a regular here every other week but yes, one time he did contact me to say he could not make it as he had come down with a cold. Over the weekend, a weekly regular had to cancel because he came down sick Saturday morning.  I had another gentlemen regular cancel the other day because he was down on Sunday late night and into Monday morning with the stomach flu. 

I do appreciate when gentlemen that wake up ill or come down with some sickness call or text me as soon as they know that they have to cancel. It helps me because then I usually can fill the open appointment if there is at least a few hours notice. I always figure of a way of fitting those same gentlemen in on a reschedule when they are back feeling well again. I have no reason not to believe the gentlemen that contact me to cancel regarding sickness. I always believe that they are telling me the truth.

Some gentlemen have said that some providers are not as nice about cancellations and yes, I think many of those providers that give the hard time about cancellations are ones that get a lot of cancellations with almost no notice so they group all of the "Johns" in the same "I do not trust you at all" boat. I have had my share of the "no call no shows" and cancellations with almost no notice so in some respects I understand what they are going through but luckily my business does have a lot of very trustworthy regulars and I know many of them would not lie to me. I err on the side of giving men the benefit of the doubt. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,