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Ask Anita - how do I know who has real all natural breasts versus the enhanced fake ones?

Well, there are a lot of honest providers out there that do state "Enhanced" on their measurements which means they have had breast augmentation surgery in their past. Yes, there are some that say their EE's, FF's, GG's and HH's etc are all natural but that is a load of huey usually and the big way you can tell is by the nipples. The enhanced breasts have much flatter nipples and the ones that have my longer or puffier nipples are the real all natural breasts variety.

This wild tigress has all natural breasts C cup nipples (see pic here) and I am proud and I have weighed the options and decided not to get breast enhancement surgery. I do have saggy breasts and if you look in my "Pics" that are on this website you will see them in all their glory. If they don't attract you then you can bypass me to go to a bigger perkier breasted provider. I understand some men are big breast men and Wild Anita would then not be their cup of tea. 

Another way you can tell if breasts are enhanced, is if the provider sets some boundaries to breast play. Many providers with enhanced breasts do not like excessive touching, squeezing, sucking of the nipples and even a little bit of a bite on the nipples. The enhanced breasts do get irritated or sore by excessive touching and squeezing so if you are their 2nd or later client, the likelihood is you will hear more "rules" to the touching and squeezing of them. 

So many will say now, what is the purpose of having enhanced breasts in the business of escorting if the clients aren't able to touch them or squeeze them or suck them? Good point, gentlemen! The providers that have their breasts enhanced think they will increase the traffic of gentlemen wanting to see them. I can hear the guys needling each other in the bar saying to each other "Get a load of those knockers on that one!"  Another gentlemen pipes in "I could play with those for hours!"  Well, gentlemen, if she is a "Professional" that would be an expensive playtime as many of the spinner/cover models that have enhancements do charge accordingly for the priviledge of "looking but not excessively over touching" the equipment. They sure look nice, don't they? 

So back to Wild Anita, I still love the John Mayer song "Your Body is a Wonderland" and I love when gentlemen asked me if it is okay to suck, lick and just overall touch and squeeze my breasts. I had a gentlemen say today he was looking forward to worshipping my body. I love that! I did the same back to him so we were very even but this Wild Anita does get turned on by breast play as well as all forms of clitoral stimulation and "Skippy" play or we will call it "Cock adoration" and of course just overall skin to skin contact. Imagine Anita's clit and nipples grinding up and down your naked body.

Hugs and wild voracious kisses,