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Ask Anita - Have you ever been a victim of stealthing?

Well, some gentlemen may not be aware of what stealthing means so I will provide the definition: “Taking off the condom during sex without the bottom knowing and then proceeding to cum inside.”

No, I’ve never been a victim of that. Most of the time I hold onto the condom until the gentlemen pulls out so it stays on him. Once in awhile, the condom has gotten stuck inside me but it was never an intentional act by the gentlemen. I have solved that a bit by purchasing some more tighter and thinner condoms such as Kimono and Crown that stay better affixed to the gentlemen’s cock. 

There are still about 30 percent of gentlemen that ask for bareback intercourse. As they start to poise themself about my entrance, I stop them and grab the lube and a condom. The thinner condoms do allow more feeling and sensations to “Skippy”.  I also have the female condom as an option but please note that Cowgirl doesn’t work well with female condoms and about 60 percent of clientele seem to want me on top. 

Gentlemen, just a reminder that many of you that are still having sex with your wives, safe sex is the best sex. Even though I do get tested rather regularly, there is always a chance. If you are that severely impacted by lack of feeling during intercourse, stick with mutual oral or just oral for those that don’t want to touch the escort provider much. I have many clients that love the two way street, dining at the table or dining at the O, and we can find plenty to do during the hour, including make-out sessions that fill up the time rather nicely.

I’ve been asked to do “swinging” by my doubles partner, Jackie, but that is one of the reasons why I won’t do swinging is I hear that “stealthing” is more common during those kinds of sex sessions because there is a lot going on with multiple partners and a lot of confusion so men can try to get away with that. I have a lot of living to do and my first grandchild on the way so I don’t plan on shortening my life any, thank you.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,