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Ask Anita - has anyone ever robbed you or taken your money or not paid you and ran off after services?

Well, I had a couple of incidences in my first year of hosting back in 2014 where clients ran out with the money in hand or they came in without the money and when they saw I wouldn't perform services without it, quickly left saying they were going to their car to get it and never came back. I had a couple men that received services and ran out without paying (my fault, I should have taken the money first). In the last few years, I have had plenty that saw me and left before services (yes, I know I am not the spinner they wanted). So yes, plenty of jerks out there and when I get exposed to one (it happens every once in awhile), I scratch my head and ask myself why I still do this.

But then I think of all of the princes, the truly kind wonderful regulars that I do have and ones that continue to call to see me. I think of all the kind gents that contacted me from November through January to find out how I was doing after my ankle surgery. They knew I was off work and couldn't host but they still checked on me to say some kind words during what was more of a down holiday season for me.  

So yes, rays of sunlight in darkness keeps me going. I have great clients and yes, there are still plenty of jerks out there but frankly since I have been screening closer and many have been reading more about me and see my pictures that aren't photoshopped, I have been getting a lot of quality clientele (and no walk offs). I do advertise on Eros, P411, CityVibe, AdultSearch, RS2K, Slixa, TER, Escort Babylon (age 40 and up) Twitter and Backpage (women seeking men). 

I was very unhappy to hear that a close friend of mine, another provider, had a new client visit her today, he is an RS2K member that was verified ahead, he proceeded to enjoy her services, but told her at the end of her services that she was ugly and didn't deserve payment and walked out. The envelope he left was empty which means he intended to not pay her as he had set down the empty envelope before services were rendered. Hoping that karma bites that guy as I reported him to RS2K so that no one else would see him in the future.

Listen I am not mean or vindictive normally but everyone deserves respect and dignity regardless of their profession. I am an escort but that doesn't define me as a person. I am kind, decent, loving, respectful, and willing to help those in need. I love animals and children. I am fiercely loyal to my family and friends. I care about my clients. I worry about my elderly clients that drive further to see me, wanting to make sure they get to me safely and get home safely as well. I am respectful to those that come through my doors. I am discreet in that I don't reveal anything about my clients to anyone else. All screening info is purged after verification.

You have a gem in me, gents. I am willing to go all out in pleasing my clients, regulars and verified new clients. I consider it my mission to give my gents what they are missing elsewhere. So remember that no one deserves the treatment my friend received from this man today (I almost said something else but held back). She is an escort but she is a human being deserving of respect and dignity, just as you are. So do not seek out an escort's services if you are not willing to be respectful and provide her the agreed upon donation before commencement of services.

Sign me, 

Your angry passionate tigress Wild Anita