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Ask Anita: Do you really believe you are reviewed differently on TER because you are a mature overweight provider and otherwise not a spinner?

Oh, yes.. It is very apparent that I am definitely reviewed differently on TER due to my size, my saggy breasts and belly. Both Looks and Services are rated from 1 being the worst to 10 being the best.  My looks are averaged in the 4 to 5 range (barely average), and by performance is averaged in the 6 range (good time). In recent months I have gotton many 8's and 9's (8-Went the Extra Mile and 9 -Forgot it was a service) which is very flattering and I am grateful and happy everyday to provide those kinds of services to my wonderful happy gents. I LOVE making Skippy happy and do whatever I can for men to leave with a smile. Alas, it hasn't always happened but then again, no one is perfect, not even me. I just plug along one client at a time. Men that see me at the end of the day comment on how happy and energetic I am. Truth is, you get the same wonderful zippy, Wild Anita, energetic and cock driven every moment of everyday that I host whether you are my 8am client or you are my last client of the day. I am also fresh and cleanly showered for every client so there is NO hygeine issues. My house and neighborhood is beautiful and clean. 

So the only thing you really can complain about is my looks, right?  I mean, if you don't like how I look, I still perform well if not fantastic on my services end so shouldn't I be rated high on my performance even if you consider me average looking? Well, frankly men do rate both the same...Great looking beautiful women get rated high marks on both Looks and Performance. Do an evaluation on TER yourself of the spinners, versus the average looking providers and see if I am not right.  Envy Jolie, Aeryn, Montero, Morgan Taylor, Anne Cline Tiffany Europe, all these hot beautiful women on TER get 9's or 10's in looks and 8's 9's and 10's on performance. The average looking women like myself, Amy, Jackie, Julie, Jenn, Lauren, etc., well our average is more in the 5, 6 and 7 performance end versus anything in the high end even though I know these women are all gifted with a great set of skills. 

Obviously there is also a bit of difference on what you pay for average looking providers (anywhere from $120-250 hr) to the upscale hottie women I mentioned in the former ($350-$1,000 hr). So those hottie upscale low volume chicks, they should be held to a certain standard, after all, they are expensive and should be top of the line at both sucking and fucking, shouldn't they? I mean, once in a lifetime at performances which is a 10. That's what you are paying for. Well, folks, hate to break it to you but those of us mature average looking providers do give you the same pop. I do think I have a gifted exceptional tongue and mouth, at a quarter of the price. It isn't paying more that is best.

But let's get back to those hotties. Montero's latest review from SoleSurvivor in March 2017 came out today. He rated her an 8 on looks ("Really Hot") and an 8 ("Went the Extra Mile") on Performance. Do you know he prebooked his appointment via a screening form like I use and he had to wait over 30 minutes when he got to the venue to meet her? He also went into her hotel room and found all of the alcohol bottles and cans all over her room (a hint as to why she had overslept the meet) and she offered the gentleman a drink which he said "was kind of a turnoff'. Afterwards he went into the the hot and heavy descriptive juicies, nothing new as he knew she wanted it and they had a hot time it seemed. I did note that he never mentioned that he'd repeat which is notable as most do mention either they'd repeat or not repeat.  But this is a case in point, as she did get an 8 in Performance even though she messed up on timing and appeared to be under the influence or had been drinking. Montero is a beautiful woman given an 8 in Looks and an 8 in Performance. She could have "pooped" on this guys head and he would have still given her an 8 Went the Extra Mile or a 9 Forgot it was a service.

If I'd done any of the above including being late and having a messy room or messy bathroom or whatever, I end up with a 2- Should of Stayed Home in Performance.  That's because the standard for me and for her is based on our looks alone. Because if I am average looking, I must give a likewise performance. If I am beautiful and a spinner in looks, I get the same rating in performance.

Hugs and kisses,