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Ask Anita - Do you have any tips to keeping this “hobby” underwraps/discreet?

Good evening, gentlemen. This is a topical question. Before I answer it, let me tell you a true story of one of my provider friends that shall be left unnamed who is being stalked/harassed by an ex-girlfriend of one of her “Johns” also known as a “client”.  Not only is she being harassed but so is her adult daughter. Luckily her daughter knows that her mom is an escort provider so if the stalker/harasser was trying to rat out the mother as a provider, that wouldn’t have worked.

The ex-girlfriend currently lives out East so it appears this is long distance harassment but the way she throws threats around in her text messages and voicemails, she could end up in Illinois to carry out her threats. I am hoping that isn’t the case and the blocking of her calls and text messages by both mother and daughter will take care of the issue but you don’t know. The way the world is now, the wrong people carrying firearms, you never really know if you are safe, do you?

Here is a list of points that can be made for the situation above but also remind you of some home truths regarding keeping the “hobby” underwraps/discreet: 

  1. Carry a pre-paid cell phone with you for the hobby that is separate from your personal phone. Of course, keep it in a hiding spot that the wife or girlfriend will not find it. If the above client had kept the provider info out of his personal phone, the ex-girlfriend would never have found him out regarding the hobby. 
  2. Investigate “Google Voice” an application that can be added to your Android or iPhone: It provides you a free phone number to text, call, and check voicemail. Alternatively, Google Hangouts is a text messaging application that can be used for the hobby as well.
  3. Create an email to only use with the hobby that your wife/girlfriend would not have access to.
  4. If checking websites on your laptops or personal computers such as TER, Erotic Monkey, other escort advertising sites such as Backpage, EROS, P411, RS-AVS and escorts websites such as yours truly, please remember to clear your history every time you log out of your computer. 
  5. Should you use your cell phone text messaging application, purge your text messages every time you finish communicating with a provider regarding the hobby.
  6. Do not keep provider phone numbers in your contacts list on your cell phone unless you are somehow able to hide the escort name under an alias. I have gentlemen that save my cell phone number with an alternative name such as their Neurologist. Anything that will not arouse suspicion. I know for me since I have a website, many men if they lose my phone number since I don’t advertise as regularly on Backpage, they can always Google “Wild Anita Chicago” and my website  and my blog are the first websites that come up. 
  7. For those gentlemen trying to keep the “funds” underwraps, keeping a separate sock or envelope to stick $20’s in every so often to eventually add up to the full amount for visiting a provider. 
  8. Regarding the “hobby” funds, open up a separate bank account to be used only for the hobby.
  9. When the wife is out of town, it may be best to not have an escort/provider come to your residence. Any hair left behind that doesn’t look your hair color or wifes could be a give away. Also, a neighbor could blurt out something to her that they had seen while she was away.
  10. Dress for the excuse you use to get away to meet with an escort. Many men dress like they are going or coming from the golf course. Or alternatively, if they are coming or going from the health club.
  11. Know where you need to go after the provider gives the location/address of meeting with her. Going to the wrong apartment number is definitely not a good move when trying to keep these matters discreet. Many a gentlemen have thought they memorized my address and then transcribed the numbers and were walking around a block down from my townhouse.
  12. Don’t stop by an escort provider’s residence unannounced. Just as you want her to be discreet and no drama for you, you should be giving her the same discretion. Her family may not know what she does for a living and it could give her away. Always follow her protocol on making a return appointment. 
  13. Keep quiet about your trysts. This means not boasting to friends, relatives or co-workers. If you talk, it is only a matter of time before it gets passed back to your wife/girlfriend.
  14. Shower after your encounter with unscented soap. This will remove any scents and makeup/lipstick that would stick to you after an encounter. I do allow gentlemen to use my shower both before and after seeing me. I have unscented Dove shower soap available in my shower that won’t provide any unusual scent.
  15. Pay with cash for any “dates” with providers such as going to dinner, gas purchases, hotels, etc.
  16. Try to keep encounters with providers along your normal routes rather than going out of your way. If you plan to be in a particular area for a meeting and an escort provider you have been wanting to meet with is in that area as well, take care of any screening/verification she requires in advance and hopefully she will have an opening then. 
  17. Make sure you are careful with whom you meet withIn the hobby. Providers that are careful and screen/verify are the safest providers to meet with as they are unlikely to be arrested. Law enforcement does not care to screen you ahead so if the provider is careful, she likely is a legitimate provider.  The safe provider should also have multiple reviews (minimum of three) in The Erotic Review or in Erotic Monkey. Finally, an escort provider that has a website is likely legitimate. In my case, I write a blog that has 11 months of entries on it. It shows me as a real person and a legitimate safe provider. Do your research and proper due diligence prior to meeting with any escort/provider.

Finally, if the “John” that I discussed in the first paragraphs had purged/cleared history and been better at keeping the “hobby” discreet, my provider friend wouldn’t be going through this harassment right now. None of us want complications and a “scorned woman” chasing us down. I don’t want any part of your personal life, I just want to continue being that “Wild Anita” or “Mistress Anita” that helps you live out those fantasies that you desire.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,