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Ask Anita - Do you get annoyed when gentlemen arrive early for their appointments?

Gentlemen, I am pretty even keeled, so I don’t get annoyed easily. A gentlemen that shows up early for an appointment doesn’t bother me. I always ask for the gentleman to call or text me when they arrive but I always say to wait for my call or text back before coming to my door. After each client, I clean up all wipes/condoms/wrappers as well as re-make the bed. I then gargle with both hydrogen peroxide and ACT Total Care as well as brush my teeth.

As an aside, my dentist always comments on how clean/great my teeth look. I guess brushing my teeth four to six times a day does help. Then I take a shower and clean my body in the order of breasts, bush and butt (“BBB”). All of these things are doable in 15-20 minutes, hence I also have what’s called a 30 minute open period between each appointment but I try never to have more than four appointments in a day. Once in awhile I go over but my reasoning for keeping it to four is mainly that I don’t want my neighbors any the wiser. Sometimes it means I have an hour or two between appointments since my weekday hours are 6:30am through 6:30pm. When I have the hour or two hours between appointments, I do fit in meals, coffee and water drinking. Yes, I do need to actually eat food in between my “protein shakes”.

With extended free periods between appointments, I also fit in my screenings/verification requests I receive from prospective clients as well as any questions that are asked of me. I try to pick up all the phone calls I can between appointments as well. Some days I am inundated with phone calls, emails, texts and screening form requests. 

So with my regimen of what I do between appointments, I expect that gentlemen that arrive early will have patience and wait until I am ready. I live relatively close to retail stores such as Target, Home Depot, Jewel and Kohls as well as a Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks and Panera so if they would rather be inconspicuous over in those parking lots or get their coffee fix at any of the area coffee stops while they wait, I’ll be sure to let them know when I am ready (for those kind gentlemen that remember my love for coffee and bring me some, well, it’s an especially warm welcome! Read my prior blog “Coffee, Tea, Milk or Me”). 

Just understand, I am very prompt so it usually right at the appointment time that was booked when I contact the gentlemen with the “Come to the Door” message. There are times when I read in the TER reviews of various gentlemen for other providers that they were left to wait for extended periods past their appointment time and these providers still get “8” or “9” in performance ratings. I’m sorry but if I am left to wait extended times past appointment times in Doctor’s offices or Dentist offices, I get irritated as I feel my time is important and I feel the same about the gentlemen that book appointments with me. Gentlemen, do not reward providers that treat you badly or are inconsiderate of your time with high performance ratings. No provider should get a pass on that just because they are gorgeous spinners. 

I did have a client get upset once when he arrived at my apartment complex (it was the apartment I used to live in before moving to my townhouse) at 7:45am for an 8am appointment and I wouldn’t let him come in early.  He ended up leaving when I asked him to wait until 8am as I was readying myself and eating my breakfast. Gentlemen, I am a bear when I haven’t had my coffee and/or breakfast. You will be happy you waited!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,