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Ask Anita - Do you ever wish you made a different choice a few years back when you decided to get into the business?

Some days are more difficult than others so my whacking myself on top of the head and asking "Why?" isn't uncommon. I love when regulars contact me for an appointment and come visit as it makes it a lot less complicated and I can just welcome them with open arms and lots of wet deep kisses! But other days, it is like pulling teeth to get gentlemen over their worries on verifying and just get them to give me a chance.

There are daily frustrations that make me want to hang up the phone rather hard or just turn the dang thing off. Starting with the gentlemen that lowball and don't want to pay the listed donation rates. Or the gentlemen that can hardly speak any English that think I am "Hispanic Anita". Or the young guys (under 35) that contact me and think I will break down and see them (NO). Or the black guys that keep sending me pictures of their cock and think I am impressed by the size of it and would break down to see them (Again, the answer is NO, and naked cock pictures get an automatic block by my phone). I see plenty of cocks on a daily basis, I"d advise anyone to NOT send me any nude pictures. 

Sometimes my biggest problem is myself, I feel like gentlemen only want big busted athletic spinners and I don't fit the mold of that kind of provider so I get a little depressed. I know, that is out of my control and I can't control what men will find me attractive or want to spend time with me. Yes, it is a roller coaster ride of up and down emotions and to say I am not effected at all in a bad way by the business would be lying.

I can say that when I am with the mature gentlemen that I love spending time with (most businessmen and former businessmen (retirees) in their 40s through 80s), I have a great time and really enjoy what I do. I enjoy the two way street, the hot deep french kisses, the mutual massaging, the leg humping, the men that love using their mouth all over me, the pleasing that I do in rimming, balls and cock worship, and giving the men their fantasies as well as them providing me my protein shakes. I love the cuddling after and the conversations before and after. I love the challenge of getting the gentlemen off on multiples. 

But it isn't easy being an escort as it is a lonely life. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,