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Ask Anita - Do you ever wish you had more friends in the escort industry?

Well gentlemen, I am not going to lie, being an escort is a very lonely life. I only have a couple of friends in the escort industry (the ones that I double with, Amy and Jackie). I do have a gentlemen friend that is there for me as well, one that I can confide in and has been a big support. The remainder of the girls I have had conversations with over time is mainly due to collecting references for gentlemen that have provided their names and phone numbers (or websites) to me as a part of the screening process.

I will tell you that it is hit or miss with getting references from providers as being an escort is highly competitive. I get many escorts that do not answer my emails, texts or voicemails. Many do not want to share their clientele. I really do prefer gentlemen to check with the provider and ask for her permission to be used as a reference before including that provider as a reference on my screening form.

I have had a few providers contact me that said they would consider doing doubles with me but that I do not charge enough currently. Many providers want their minimum $300 which means I would have to charge $600 for both girls per hour as I would never take less than they would collect. You ask but you only charge the $140 hour GFE currently?

I would say to that is that I work my ass off in my hourly visits with clients. I deserve what I charge and more for what I do. I would not take less than another provider in a doubles session as I am doing equal the work that she is doing. But obviously charging the $600 per hour for two women, well, there are only a few gentlemen out of my many regular clientele that would pay that. I definitely would have a lot of breaks during that day compared to the non-stop action filled day that SexyAss Jackie and I had last week.

As far as those “meet and greets” that are advertised on the TER boards for fostering friendships, no, supposedly that is just an avenue for gentlemen to get a look at some of their favorite “flavor” escorts (without having to pay the $300 and up donation per), it isn’t a place for escorts to bond with each other. The escorts are “catty” at those, many spend their time talking about other escorts behind their back and criticizing their hair, makeup, clothes, weight, etc. It’s no wonder that I prefer men as friends versus women! Women are jealous and it is hard to break through that sometimes. 

I do have family that I have talked about here, a close friend outside the industry and of course my pets, my three year old Labradoodle, Belle and ten year old cat, Mittens. So I can focus on other things than the business at times which provides me a break that I need. I’m getting a break next week as I am going out of town on Thursday, October 26th through October 30th with my gentlemen friend to Reno, Nevada. I’ve been told it definitely isn’t Las Vegas (For those loyal blog readers, you remember that I wrote about my Las Vegas fun trip in early June 2017) but it will be nice to get away for a few days.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,