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Ask Anita - Do you ever get tired of what you do and want out? Do you feel trapped?

Some days I love it and yes, there are days that I am not as happy. If you are in any job you will have good days and bad days, correct? i think the hardest part is the "bullshitters" that call or text and waste my time. They have no intention of verifying/screening for my safety and theirs and they don't understand that it is to both our benefit that I do that. I have so many "I really want to see you" emails that go nowhere after I direct them to my website to do their "research" on me and complete the screening. I always say that they can email or text me their screeening info as well if they feel uncomfortable on a 3rd party site. Yes, I deal with bulshitters that also send a pic of their anatomy (I am glad you are so proud but I see plenty of cocks, I don't need 4 by 6 glossy's). 

I have days where I wish I had taken the other road and kept at the interviewing in the Contracts Management area that I was in but unfortunately I could never make the type of money there that I make currently. I guess you can call that "being trapped" by the money tree. Otherwise, I am independent so I can decide at whatever point I am ready to "retire", I don't have anyone such as a "pimp" to interfere with me quitting the business. 

Let's get the obvious question answered, yes, I do love what I do. I enjoy the sensual passionate pleasures and skin to skin, body to body contact, the passionate kissing and clinches, and the mindblowing cataclysmic booms. I love meeting and building friendships with my regulars. I love having gentlemen return to see me after an absence of just often enough (once a month, once every two weeks, etc.). All of that is great.  I do enjoy the passion and when I cum in sessions with my gentlemen clients, it is no act.

Yes, I have met some jerks in this business. I'll be honest, I had another bad TER review last week (a gentlemen from May 2017 "Zirconastrid") that popped up as if he woke up one morning and realized his TER VIP account was lapsing so had to do a review to keep it.  He said my body was "too jiggly" for him. He acted bored in my session. Now, no one ever is bored in my sessions and I work my ass off and back to be a pleaser to all gentlemen. I also do not have photoshopped photos so I never lied that I was a small person. I say I have flab, saggy boobs and I am a small BBW. My pictures on this website do back that up as well. So what made him get up one morning and want to see me if he felt that way? To be a jerk and give a bad review of course. Some just live and look forward to being that way. They think they are God's gift, have big pecs, great abs, handsome faces and are amazing lovers, NOT.  Sorry, most of them couldn't get a spinner to look twice at them if they weren't paying for it.  

I'll say it again, the numbers do matter, gentlemen. I work hard to meet and exceed expectations for performance so I should get an "8" or a "9" but I end with a 6 because, "oh well, she's just too jiggly for me". They rate me for my looks on the performance number which they shouldn't. So yes, when I see TER reviews like that or other reviews that give me "6"s or mediocre reviews of my performance, it does make me want to throw in the towel and think well, I must not be as good as I say I am. To be honest, I think if a person cannot say anything nice, they shouldn't say anything, instead don't post the review. It hurts my business. 

Yes, bullshitters and bad reviews are not my cup of tea but I do think of all of the great regular clients that I do have and the "originals" that have stuck with me since 2014 when I get down in the dumps. I think of the number of "fence sitters" that have jumped off the fence in the last 8 months since my website and blog have gone up that have expressed how much fun they have had with me. I think of so many "fans" that read my blog and send me emails with encouragement telling me to keep going, that they enjoy what I have to say. I get encouragement from my friends in this business and my special friend that I talk of sometimes that help keep me going. Yes, I have bills to pay, and more college to pay off (for my son) so no, I will not be quitting anytime soon. I do have goals and future plans that I have already expressed enough in this blog. 

So I remain Anita, the wild tigress, hungrily waiting and wanting and looking forward to my clients visits. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,