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Ask Anita - Do you ever feel like you should have said no to a client appointment after the fact?

Yes, it has happened about twenty times since I started in 2014. The good part is the first ten were in 2014. The remaining ten were spread out since then in 2015 thru current 2018. The difference between 2014 and the remaining years is how I handled my business. In 2014, I had an agency booking me for a couple of months and boy did they give me some cruddy men (except for a few gentlemen that ended up being my “originals” and staying with me to this day).

I had quite a few hood types that showed up and tried to pay at the end if they could and when I said I needed payment up front, they fled (some complaining they left their walled in the car, or some such excuse). I had one African American man that wouldn’t take no for an answer regarding Greek (there is a previous “Ask Anita” from spring 2017 that asked why the no AA policy and I fully explained it then). I had another gentlemen get rough and pushed me up so far my head hit the headboard when he fucked me. And still another gentlemen was quite well endowed (11 inches), took me violently and I bled for what seemed like a couple of days afterwards. After that, I fired the agency and I took care of my own bookings. It took me a few months to get my good gentlemen regulars back but some eventually found me again.

I also had some gentlemen (and I lost count, but I consider them in the total) that showed up and “left when they saw me”. I opened the door and they got a look and left. Now, I don’t show my face fully in pictures, but I have never photoshopped my body in pictures. Are the pictures favorable poses of me? Yes, some are favorable as they may show my best side or not really show my chubby stomach (when you are laying flat, the stomach stretches out) or my saggy breasts.

Anyway, those occurrences (the “left when they saw me”) virtually stopped since I started the website and blog over a year ago. I only have had one gentlemen get a bit rough with me in the last year. The blog has helped a lot in that I mainly get mature gentlemen that are so excited to spend an hour or longer with me. Another reason I get a lot less violent types is I started fully screening when I set my website up as well. In the over a year time, I have turned away a few gentlemen that had felony assault and battery on their record, one that was a registered sex offender, one that was committed to a mental institution several times, another that had a domestic battery and a couple that had burglaries on their record.

Gentlemen, I don’t play games with my life anymore. I value my life and embrace the fun that I have every day with my gentlemen clients and when I am with my friends and family such as last week. This wild tigress deserves to live a long life and have a lot of passionate fun along the way but I don’t need to be a victim again. I don’t need to be arrested and lose my beautiful townhouse and have my family find out about my secret life. So, yes, the screening/verification process needs to stay. The right amount of gentlemen “fall off the fence” periodically and I still have many wonderful regulars that visit me.

There are a certain percentage of gentlemen that would rather I look like someone else but I do make the most of those visits and show my best self in my attitude and “wanting to please”. If they don’t want to come back, I consider that their loss and maybe they are truly lost. Many hobbyists think that they have to pay much more to get “high quality” women, or spinners/cover models or maybe they think they will get “a woman of class”. They convince themselves in their own minds that these women really get into them and really orgasm those many times and really want to spend that time with them. What they forget is that to these women, they are all about the money and are splendid actresses as well. They would exit stage right if the gentlemen ran short on the cash end.

So yes, there are some I should have said no to along the way but it is much less than it used to be and I am quite happy with my regulars, and many of my new gentlemen that have come to see me, seem to enjoy my company and say they will return to visit again.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,