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Ask Anita - Do providers/escorts prefer client's Manscape and alternatively don't providers/escorts all shave clean their pubic area?

Gentlemen, I get asked this question alot and many gentlemen have shared their opinions on the subject so I will give a compilation answer of both of these questions. Firstly, the Manscape. It is definitely much easier for this Wild Tigress to lick and worship the balls and penis area without the hair but it is definitely not as common for a Manscape than when you visit providers that do shave their pubic/pussy area. Several gentlemen regulars of mine do keep the area beautifully manscaped but just as many do not. As long as the gentlemen is freshly showered and that area down there clean, I have no problem in worshiping "skippy" and "the twins" whether the gentlemen Manscapes or not.

Some providers even have the audacity to put that preference in their advertisements. I do think that is rude and hereas why. Some of you are still sexually active with your wives and to shave the genital area might arouse some questions and/or suspicions if it is not something you normally have done. I have some gentlemen that say they do still have both oral and intercourse with their wives but it isn't that often as when they were first married. I don't want you gentlemen ratted out so I say whatever works for you as long as you are clean down there is fine with Wild Anita. Again, my shower is your shower so please ask me to use it if you are coming from work. It doesn't take long to wash off so it is not using much of your alotted time anyway. 

Regarding other providers/escorts and their grooming habits in the pubic area, yes, many providers do shave that area clean. There are some that trim and some that have full bushes. Many of you have said you look at The Erotic Review for the particular provider account to get that answer. Here's a home truth: The Erotic Review is commonly WRONG regarding the individual provider and doesn't do a good job updating information on each provider account so for many that show up to see those providers, they can get a bit of a surprise on the provider. TER does not care for accuracy on provider accounts so my view, I guess you just have to take a chance and see. It's like rolling the dice in Vegas! 

I did take a picture of my pubic area (top and bottom) and attached it. I do have some hair above my pubic area but where the lips start and go downward I have shaved the lips for the gentlemen to have more of an ability to lick and suck them. I figure it does make the area look cleaner (even though I am religiously in the shower before and after each client) but I would prefer a little hair coating on the lip area. Because I've had some gentlemen express that they prefer a clean shaven lip area, I have caved to that. Here's three reasons why public hair is important and maybe something you all haven't thought of: 

1. Pubic hair offers a natural barrier to keep things clean, to decrease contact with viruses and bacteria, and to protect the tender skin of the area.

2. While protecting against diseases and skin problems, pubic hair prevents foreign particles like dust and pathogenic bacteria from entering the body.

3. Pubic hair also helps to control the moisture of the area which decreases the chances of yeast infections.

Yes, I know you all have your opinions and I have had some men state they love some hair down there because it looks like a "real woman" and not an underage girl, but I have to work to please the masses in my job. I realize everyone wants the best of all worlds when they have a woman in front of them but my job is tough because I cannot please everyone. What I have done is left some hair above the area they would be licking and removing the hair on the lip area. It's my version of the compromise. 

So gentlemen, hopefully you understand when you visit providers that for whatever reason, they have chosen the grooming down there that they prefer.

I really do think that as long as both parties, the provider/escort and the client/gentlemen are clean and freshy showered for each session, there is really nothing to worry about. Keeping things tidy, fresh and clean down there, well, it is my motto to do that for each client. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,