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Ask Anita - Do I have to complete the screening form to verify or can I provide same information email or text?

I only point to my screening form so you understand what I am looking for in the verification process. Yes, you can provide verification via email or text instead of screening form. I do prefer email until you are verified but if you are in a rush to see me, a follow up text confirming I received the screening info is acceptable.

You have my promise that I will purge everything you provide after you are verified. I am the marriage prolonger, I have no intention of creating drama. I am discreet. My family and my privacy is also at risk, as is my place of residence. My life is at risk with what I do. I would never jeopardize what you have as I would hope you wouldn't jeopardize my privacy either. 

I do not require everything, just your real first and last name (as it is listed on your Drivers License/ID, not nickname), city, state (where you reside), occupation, company name (no I do not contact companies), cell phone number, email address, method of contact you prefer (I will not text or call unless you tell me it is okay to do so, I am discreet), and preferred appt date/time and duration. 

After that, I'd be happy with any of the following two (two required): provider references (including provider name, website and phone number or email address), RS2K or P411 information, LinkedIN account, company website (if it has your name in it to prove you work there), business card (pic attachment to email), work building access badge (pic attachment to email) or ID (pic of ID can have DL number and address marked out).  

I think you gentlemen do overthink things because you hear the stories of the drug abusing providers and those providers with pimps creating drama and attempting to extort additional monies or robbing "Johns" at the meeting sites. Or of course cops setting up "Johns". Yes, those things do happen but as you read about me in this blog and my reviews, do know you are getting the genuine article, the real deal, and no I am not a spinner or cover model but if you are open to TLC/passionate fun in the bedroom with a provider that truly enjoys what she does, is open, honest and 100% a pleaser, and has great oral skills (a gifted tongue) you have found the right one for you!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,