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Ask Anita - Do Escorts prefer wealthy clients?

Many think that is my motivation for my age minimum of 35 and my no african-american men but they are wrong. There are some that are wealthy under the age 35 or at the very least make an upper middle class living with their jobs as business professionals or doctors or attorneys. I am just more attracted to mature gentlemen above age 35 but my preferred preference is above age 40.

Remember, i do have sons in their 20's so it just is too discustingly incestuous to be with those in that age group. Regarding the no African-American men, it is not racism or the wanting wealthy clients, it is the attitude and lack of respect for my boundaries and my donations that I do not get. I have already dealt with the no AA in a previous "Ask Anita" so please review that blog so I don't have to cover the past painful experience I had with one that I used as an example in my explanation. 

Now back to the question at hand. I have had wealthy clients and upper middle class and lower middle class clients, pretty much clients in all economic social statuses and to be honest, I have great regulars amongst all of those categories. Some of the providers mentioned I should raise my rates to $300 and up to attract the wealthier clientele and I told her that I do have a selection from the wealthier set already that see me. I also have the upper and lower middle class clients that have many regulars that I love seeing when they fit me into their schedule and when they have saved enough money to see me. I am the first to say I am extremely lucky with my regular clientele.

There is no one that appreciates all of my regulars more than I do. I miss them when I don't see them and that is strictly from the old friend standpoint (no, I am not a stalker type or drama filled). From someone who sees a lot in the age groups of 60's, 70's and 80's, I worry about my regular clients health and just hope if they are not seeing me, that they are still healthy and well. After all, I would never know if they passed away.  

Some of those longtime regulars stayed with me when I wasn't that good of provider back in 2014 and early 2015 and I totally appreciate them. They made me improve and get better by sticking with me. Yes, those 2014 regulars (I call them "The Originals") you know who you are and know this: I always appreciate you and will never forget your kindness and respect towards me. Yes, I was awful when I started. I am so much better now. I even had some one time clients from 2014 come back to see me within the last six months and admit I had improved alot! Thank you and much hugs and kisses for giving me the second chance!

Now back to the wealthy. I do have some wealthy mature gentlemen that visit me regularly and semi-regularly but I have had some wealthy gentlemen that have only visited me once. Some visited me back when I was in my Rolling Meadows apartment and thought my place a dump or dirty and never would return because of that. A note to them, I am doing quite well in a beautiful townhouse in West Schaumburg, thank you! I don't need shallow snooty gentlemen visiting me. They obviously are not up to the task to make this mature Wild Tigress purr.

I love the truly passionate, caring, mature "love the journey" no rush kind of gentlemen that I have now. I am very picky with whom I see as clients, because I want to meet men whom I can potentially enjoy. Thus, I choose men who I think will be a positive experience and are like me in how I see the bedroom as a playground of passionate fun, regardless of social status. 

Wealth doesn’t imply decency, respect, pleasure, or even generosity. It doesn't imply that they will be a good client, a good person or even good in bed. Another provider friend had a wealthy gentlemen who owned his own stockbroker firm in the North Suburbs and was an RS2K member come to see her and leave an empty envelope and exited after telling her she wasn't worth being paid! (He had left the empty envelope down BEFORE services rendered). 

I have met generous men from all social statuses. Some of my more generous regular clientele are men that don't have a lot but just are very kind and thoughtful. I get a lot off of my "Wish List" from these generous regulars that come through my doors. Such sweethearts!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,