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Ask Anita - can you re-post the article you wrote last year on common sex terminology acronyms? I can't seem to go back that far in your Blog

Of course, I can. I do know it can be frustrating trying to read the different reviews and not know what the acronyms all mean. I remember when I first started back in 2014 it was tough to know what the gentlemen were even asking for. I found out later that I shouldn't have even been answering them (yes, I was totally green) as I shouldn't be talking services in writing via text, email or phone call unless they have been fully verified that they are not law enforcement. That's why this Wild Anita has tried to give enough information on the "Rates" page of this website so you know what the different incall visit durations mean and I have included links to my reviews on The Erotic Review and Erotic Monkey for good measure so you know what you are in for with me. Let's start with the simplest of terms and continue: 

GFE - Girlfriend Experience - This basically means you have sex like you may do with a girlfriend. This quite often will include kissing, which most escorts don’t do (on the mouth). It may also include cuddling and intimacy. DFK or deep french kissing or LFK or light french kissing is all a part of the GFE!  Some escorts up-sell the GFE part but I personally don't know why as it is very hard to have a physical connection with anyone without kissing. Including kissing is a way of establishing connection and getting a new client to be a "regular" with the escort. In my view, "regulars" keep me in business so I don't mind including the GFE rather than upselling it.

PSE - Porn Star Experience - Like the girlfriend experience but imagine that your girlfriend is a really naughty, nasty porn star, haha. This may include coming on an escort's face, breasts, buttocks etc and is over all energetic and quite naughty. This Wild Anita loves making every visit like a porn movie for my clientele. I don't have porn on but I want to be the porn movie. You name it, I want to be naughty girl for you. The only thing I don't do is the Greek Island visits. But talking dirty and being your dirty wild girl, well, come on over!

Edging - Teasing a gentlemen, leading the edge of sexual orgasm and withdrawing, usually more than several times, before finally allowing them to orgasm. For men, it is meant to intensify orgasm, and for men, volume of ejaculate and force of ejaculation. I am incredibly good at edging. I had a gentlemen client begging yesterday.  The following does combine with Edging.

Tease and Denial -  Tease and denial is a phrase used to describe when a woman teases you sexually and continually brings you to the edge of orgasm, over and over again, for as long as she wants, only to tuck your penis away and kiss you goodnight in the end. Yes, I do this many times in my light BDSM sessions for gentlemen that ask for this. Edging and then denial of allowing him to orgasm. At the end of the appointment, I allow him to orgasm. 

ATF - "All time favorite" as in all time favorite escort provider. This wild tigress strives to be everyone's all time favorite that visits me for ongoing passionate bedroom playtime. 

MILF -  Mother I'd like to fuck. 

GILF -  Grandmother or "middle aged" woman I'd like to fuck. Wild Anita is more in this age group at the age of 52. No, not a grandmother yet though (that is coming in June 2018, yippee!).  

BBBJ - Bare Back Blow Job - This means that your escort will give you oral sex without a condom. Usually, it’s not to completion, it’s just to get you going. I always try to start that way but the alternative is the CBJ or covered blow job and there are still many out there that prefer that. When a gent says I do covered blowjobs, it is because they asked. My preference is bareback blow jobs because I love tasting pre-cum and the eventually cum in my mouth (“CIM”) or ("BBBJCIM"), and swallowing!! Cum queen is here, come hither! 

Greek Islands or "Greek" or a visit to Greece - That is anal sex. It's the only thing Wild Anita won't do but there are many providers that do. What some gentlemen forget is it is a premium service that is always upcharged or upselled for so usually the escort's rates will mention an additional charge for it or if they include it, it will be specified. Someone with my reasonable rates wouldn't be including it. 

Russian - This is what the British refer to as a ‘Tit Wank’ which means a woman will use her breasts to rub up and down your penis and essentially jack you off with her boobs. Or a man can get on top as if in missionary and rub his cock back and forth between the breasts in a fucking motion that usually leads to cumming on breasts (“COB”). Because of my 38 C cup breasts, I don't have as many looking for this service from me but obviously I do my best (push my breasts together) should the gentlemen want this. 

MSOG - Multiple Shots on Goal - or "Multiple Pops" (all mean same thing) - This is when a guy can come multiple times in one session without paying more. I’ve had guys come as many as 4 or 5 times in an hour I didn’t ask for more. Frankly I can't see why escorts don't include multiple shots for hour visits as the likelihood of any gentlemen lasting a full hour when he is paying for that time is unlikely. I do my best to extend and do a lot of teasing with my mouth on cocks and pulling back (this is called "Edging") but ultimately the gentlemen will come within 30 minutes unless he is a big player in the bedroom (lots of pussy licking and toy play on Wild Anita). It's only fair since the gentlemen is paying for the hour to allow him 2nds or 3rds (whatever fits into the 60 minutes).  

DATY - Dining at the Y - also known as Dining at the table. This means giving a girl oral sex. Imagine her legs spread open in a Y shape. Gosh, just typing that made me wet. There is so much to enjoy in the bedroom but a man's mouth between my legs makes this wild tigress ROAR! And writhe with abandon!

DATO - Dining at the O - oral stimulation of the anus also known as rimming with the mouth and tongue. Yes, Wild Anita is a dirty girl, and wild one, you have never experienced real euphoria if you haven't felt my tongue on your cock and ass. A freshly washed/showered gentlemen does get this in my session. If he isn’t freshly showered and refuses to “clean up” down under, he does not get this from Wild Anita.

Rimming - same as DATO.

CIM - Cum in Mouth - Some escorts may allow you to come in their mouth for additional money although most, will not, or if they do, they spit. Wild Anita is one of the few escort swallowers in the Chicagoland area. Hey, without my protein shakes, I wouldn't have lost the weight I have in the last few years. My gentlemen have helped get me in shape. When they blow high amounts of cum, I do whatever I can to catch and swallow. 

COF - Cum on Face - Yes, alternative to not making it into Wild Anita's ferociously hungry mouth is to blow like a geyser on her face. I also allow COA -  cum on ass - if a gent likes to do that. I have my share of gents that love asses and even though I don't allow the greek island visits, they love rubbing their cock on my ass. At some point, skippy can't handle much more and let's loose. 

Prostate massage -  the escort plays with a gentlemen's ass, rubs with her finger, fingers in ass and toys used on men, various sizes to massage the prostate. I use lots of lube and a condom on the toy before it is inserted into a gentlemen's anus. It is becoming more common and does NOT mean that the gentlemen is gay. 

Pegging - Strapon play - anal fucking with a toy such as a dildo. I have a strapon and various size dildos for choosing.

YMMV = Your mileage may vary - I am telling you this happened to me but you may get more or less dependant upon a host of factors including attitude and cleanliness. 

Golden Shower - urinating on the other person. Yes, Anita has done this for gentlemen that want it in her fetish sessions. Please give me enough notice so that I drink more water! My obsession with coffee dehydrates me!

Brown Shower - defecating on the other person. Before you ask me the answer to this question is NO WAY will I ever do this in session. 

OWO - Oral Without a condom - Pretty much the same as BBBJ, oral sex.

BBBJTC - Bare Back Blow Job To Completion - Having oral sex without a condom and the girl allowing you to come in her mouth. Swallowing generally isn’t included in this, but some girls do allow it for additional money. Well, Wild Anita includes swallowing it because frankly, how in the hell do I get my lunch and dinner? Thanks for showing up, gents!

BBFS - Bare Back Full Service - This essentially is having sex like you would with a partner, without any form of protection or condom. This is very rare that you would find a respectable working girl offer this service as the risk of STD’s is too great. Many men have asked but it is unlikely and not common for escorts to do this. After reading Escort Babylon reviews and the amount of $60 and $80 quickie high risk women that don't use condoms for anything, gentlemen, you need to consider your wife's safety or any girlfriend or significant other's safety first before thinking with your SMALL head. 

I do have options. I now have the Female condom that works better at not deflating Skippy as the male condom does. As it is more expensive than the male condom, the gentlemen needs to ask me if it is his preference. Remember to consider tipping due to the extra expense. 

Facial - That is when a gentlemen ejaculates on my face. Yes, I know, I lose out on the protein but some men have this as their fantasy and I am all about men living their fantasies with me.

Tossed Salad - Another reference to licking a sexual partner’s anus otherwise known as both DATO or rimming. I do this for only freshly showered gentlemen either at home before they arrive or using my shower before session.

DT - A reference to “Deep throating” a gentlemen’s penis. 

BDSM - an abbrevation of Bondage and Discipline (BD), Dominance and Submission (DS), Sadism and Masochism (SM). There is so much under this subheading. If you Google it, you will see. 

CBT - Cock and Ball torture.  A lot of more hardcore BDSM clientele like their balls tied up and hit with paddle or even something packing more of a punch. Some like needles inserted in their cock’s and heavy mallots used. If gentlemen want this kind of service, I would have to add an additional $20 onto the normal light BDSM for new total $200.   

Well, that completes the explanations of some acronyms and terms you may have been wondering about or come across in your review readings. Now let's include some "CT" - cock time in your week as you so richly deserve it, gents! I can hardly wait for my protein, yummy! There are a few acronyms that may come up in my blog. "PT" or Pussy time or Penelope time. "PACT"- Penelope and Cleo time, named specifically for Penelope the Pussy and Cleo the Clit. "WAIC Enterprises" or Wild Anita in Chicago Enterprises, this is basically what is included on your Credit Card statements should you pay by Credit Card or Debit Card to join me at my place for bedroom fun.   

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,