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Ask Anita - Any ideas on how to further enhance a woman's orgasm?

Of course! I have started a new week in which this wild tigress is at her sexual peak! I mean, so many orgasms and so many loveable men, many of them my regulars have come out of the woodwork to get me off. Many thanks and loving kisses sent to them. It all started with last weekend really as Saturday I went with a special friend to The Sybaris for a five hour excursion of fun.

Thankful to this special friend for understanding I needed a break out of my place so he got a room with a hot tub and well, this wild tigress was purring like a kitten and more through that five hour frolic starting with the hot tub, and then some kingsize bed fun and then back to the hot tub before we left. Well, my clitoris was regular size when the day started and then wella, a hot tub and then an interesting idea after, these suckers that affix to nipples and the clitoris to increase the blood flow to the certain areas (a picture of what these pieces look like included here), well, once the sucker started working on the clitoris, it became a gigantic engorged clitoris or a "little dick" even as that it what it looks like. A picture of the before and after is included here as it was so hard to believe the difference! I had fourteen orgasms in five hours!

Of course he did start with Anita's favorite thing which is deep french kissing passionately or a big makeout session and then sucking my nips and yes, we did affix those suckers on my nips as well. Then affixing the sucker on my clitoris of course. His mouth was all over my clit as well, licking and sucking on the nub and fingering me just the right amount. Lube was added for comfort. He turned me over and rubbed his cock all over my butt and squeezed my ass (I love my ass squeezed)! Then turned me back onto my back and moved his cock up and down my way engorged clit. I came as many times BEFORE he fucked me than when he entered me. Unbelievable. Yes, naked skin to skin contact, nothing like it! 

So yes, gentlemen, the ideas I gave you before, well, add this one to the list! Lots of passionate deep french kissing, licking and sucking of those nipples, work all those erogenous zones with your mouth and wandering hands, go down and dine at the Y, use suction on that clit (even if it is your mouth suctioning) a bit of lube on your finger as you stick it inside of her and move it in and out and then just skin to skin contact as you rub your cock head up and down her clit area. Oh my GOD, I am cumming again just thinking about it! I think you all need this kind of way over the top passionate fun for your holiday week! Talk about fireworks in the bedroom, this would get some explosive results! "Skippy" would be happy for days and talk about a de-stressor!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,