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Ask Anita - Anita, why did you increase the half hour donation to $130? It's way too high. Many providers charge $100 for half hour.

I knew I would get flack for raising the half hour donation but I really didn't care. My bread and butter is my one hour and more appointments (including 90 minutes, 2 hours and 3 hours). If I give away a half hour appointment to someone and then a one hour client calls for that same appointment time, I have lost $30 because of giving it to a half hour person. I am not losing $60 for giving away a half hour at $100 and then turning away a $160 hour client. It's all in the math and I am no fool. I only have about 15% of my "regular" clientele that take the half hour appointment anyway. 

Another thing to consider with those $100 for half hour is where are the escort providers hosting? Is it in a safe area where you would be comfortable going in and out of the residence or hotel? I have heard that some of the girls that charge that live in sketchy areas. I host in nice hotels and sometimes my beautiful townhouse. My regulars always comment how comfortable I make them feel and how I don't rush them even in the half hour appointments. I do know how to edge rather well rather than popping quickly. Sometimes the conversion of paying a lot less isn't worth it. 

I have really worked hard at building a business in which clientele has some loyalty to me. Do some of my clients see other providers, well, sure they do. But it doesn't mean that they don't come back to see me too. I enjoy what I do and it is obvious to my clients in my sessions. If that isn't worth something, as well as the comfortable atmosphere and my "rockin oral skills" then I am not worried about losing several unhappy half hour clients. It means that they weren't appreciative of me anyway. 

Hugs and voraciously hungfy kisses,