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Ask Anita - A wild tigress in the bedroom? Hard to believe with so many escorts that are mechanical.

I have a great time with many of my cleints, hun. It's not just lip service, I do. Do I cum with every one of them, no? Some work real hard to get me off with both their mouths, hands and just passionate kissing (yep, makeout sessions, so important) and naked body to body contact and if they take care, I do end up cumming, sometimes in multiples. There are gentlemen that don't passionately deep french kiss (maybe a quick peck when they come in the door, but nothing else) and with those gentlemen, I don't always cum.

To be honest, it is tough to fill 60 minutes of fun without the deep french kissing but I work my hardest to make sure those gentlemen have a good time. I understand the business and know that I can't convince everyone of how important passion is to bedroom fun so I do what I can and my fantastic skills will take over to provide the gentlemen with a memorable time (that hopefully they hold with them when they can't get away for "cock time"). 

Face it, a passonate connection is really needed for both parties to be into it and boy do I get into it with the passionate wild partners. The only thing I do not do is Greek which has disappointed those butt loving gentlemen. But my ass is plentiful to grab and squeeze, so please go ahead, gents! I love being grabbed on the ass. So many sensual nerve endings there! After that, the wild erotic undressing of each other, throw me on the bed, we become a nice pretzel together, all tied up! Yes, pussy loves to be dined on! Dinner time! I love my protein based dinner as well! I dine on your ass (providing that it's freshly washed, nice and clean), lick and suck your balls, lick, suck the head, total cock worship! 

Anyway, I digress. You asked if I am "mechanical" and just providing a "performance". No, I am the real deal! I do have a lot of regulars that totally love spending time with this wild tigress. I would not have the return regulars if I was acting or being disingenuous. I think it comes down to enjoying the journey. I believe in my bedroom both parties do enjoy the journey. We are wild, free and totally uninhibited! May that be my wish for all of you gentlemen that you get the wild bedroom playtime, be totally enraptured in that sensual moment. Because tomorrow is never promised! We live each day as if it's our last. Carpe Diem!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,