Call 847-254-2171
Arlington Heights Private Residence Hosting Days are on Monday, Oct 28th, Tuesday, Oct 29th and Wednesday, Oct 30th.

H all. I am back in Arlington Heghts private residence for Monday, October 28th thru and including Wednesday, October 30th. I have openings day and night. The location area is 53 and Rand Road (US 12). Please contact me to pre-book appointments on all days.

For those new friends that haven't verified, please contact me for me to verify you. I can talk to you on the telephone (if you have internet presence and social media presence) and take information over the telephone or send information via email or text. The Appointment Request form wll give you ideas of what I need. I only need one of the five choices for verification. It isn't as hard as you are making it.

For those verified fence riders, please contact me for an appointment. 

I am updating my schedule with where I am hosting at so you should only see one of three locations each day: Arlington Heights, Schaumburg or Lombard. Both Arlington Heghts and Lombard are discreet locations/entrances. Schaumburg is usually a 3 star thru 5 star hotel. I don't host in junky locations.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,