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Another serious incident that shows that escorts have the most to lose

Good evening, gentlemen. I do want to remind you all as this happened to me today that I am not a dumb escort/provider so those of you that text or email or contact me through my website claiming they filled out a screening form previously when they hadn’t and expecting that I will just waive the verification/screening because I “need the business”, well, that won’t happen. Escorts have the most to lose, either in being arrested, or assaulted/beaten or murdered. 

That’s why I must bring up a recent scary incident that was posted on Twitter last week and also added to the escort/provider National Blacklist in warning of a “client”, known as Paul Zahn who goes by the name Pete, a TER VIP/Whitelist with Handle Urples69 that had set a Minnesota escort’s genitals on fire and robbed her. Now I don’t know the status of the Minnesota escort/provider but I expect she is still alive or how would all these details have come out.

I do want to say this, when I did a background check on this Paul Zahn with all the information as provided, he doesn’t exist. So he gave the Minnesota escort a fake first and last name with his Whitelist/TER handle and she let him in the door. This is why I ask for a real first and last name, and city/state of residence along with age and occupation with company name. I do that so I can background check those that want to come to see me. I have had no less than six gentlemen that tried to verify with me that had criminal records that include assault/battery, domestic assault and even one with his name listed in the sex offender registry in the State of Illinois. Of course, I didn’t accept them. This is also why TER VIP/Whitelist is NOT an acceptable method of verification by itself. 

I have had several gentlemen give me fake names and when I get back to them with the fact that they need to provide me accurate information to verify them or I can’t book them an appointment, I usually don’t get a response back from them because they know they gave me inaccurate information on purpose. I realize that these gentlemen don’t know me to trust me but why would I have so many great reviews on TER and Erotic Monkey, why would I put all my information out there in this blog that I write in several times a week if I was a dishonest drama filled escort? I even have a protonmail encrypted email account because I take security of information seriously. Yes, you have a smart cookie provider that is the “real deal”, exactly who I say I am.

For those of you that have fallen off the fence (thankfully no one injured) and verified with me via email, screening form or text message, I thank you so much. I thoroughly enjoy visiting with any new clients that have provided enough information for me to feel safe as well as my beloved regulars that continue to provide me business.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,