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Anita's return from her road trip and what she learned along the way.

Yes, gentlemen, I am back from my road trip this week. I went to St. Louis with my special male friend (those regular readers would know him as the gentlemen that a couple weeks ago used a suction device to increase the blood flow to my clitoral area when we were at the Sybaris). It was important that I get away to clear my head a bit and since he had to go out of town for work, I joined him. I do have to take breaks from the business for my mental and emotional health. There are a lot of escorts that go through burnout and leave the business for a time and then come back to it. I do have a few years left in this business so getting away for some vacation time, well, I need to spread it out but this month I am taking much of it so if you see on my schedule a vacation day here and there, that is what I am doing. 

So back to my road trip and well, it was a fun, refreshing time of love, sensual passion and physical and emotional connection. See gentlemen, I am very dominant in the bedroom as Mistress Anita. But me, the real girl behind Anita, sometimes I just like to let my special friend, well he can be my strength, sounding board, lover and best friend and he gives great advice. I do allow him to take some control in the bedroom even. I also allow him to take care of me and just be that strong man in my life. I build him up to know that he is a wonderful, sexy, loving man, full of purpose, intelligent, and with remarkable strength. He is my number one supporter and I am his. We are each other's chearleader. 

Sometimes when I think of relationships of the past, and the mistakes made in them, I think of the constant criticism and the tearing down of each other. The finding fault that we all seem to do. Nothing is ever right and we can't seem to please them, nor maybe they can never really please us either. Well, we certainly try to please them. I mean how many times have we caved on certain issues so that there is peace in the household? We spend our days and nights walking on eggshells and well, we find other projects and hobbies to keep ourselves busy, we work, we come home, we eat, we work some more at home and then go to bed.

No wonder we secretly crave that outlet, that "hobby", or that secret love connection that will allow us to physically and emotionally connect with another human being so that we can go back to our regular lives that we live and somehow that life becomes more palatable because we were able to get that "release", we were able to have that passionate connection we've been missing. I mean where did that connection go that you had when you were first married? How can we get that back? Many sit there and scratch their heads and say, no, that won't happen. Somehow after twenty or thirty years of marriage, many live "separate" lives of togetherness. Meaning we work to please ourselves in some way in secret so that we can survive in our marriages and live happy lives with our raised children and grandchildren. Yes, the early years of passion are gone but we can keep it together for the sake of our children and grandchildren. 

So here am I in my early 50's, really surprised and happy that I have a special passionate loving emotional connection with a wonderful loving man. When you have that love feeling and real connection, well, the rest of my life seems to be "right", palatable and happy as well. I mean, I catch myself humming and smiling to myself and thinking back on the "highlights" of the road trip to St. Louis. The passionate clinches, the deep french kisses and body to body, erotic coupling. And the deep conversations, and jokes and well, all that comes with a real love affair.

So I am stating to you all, do not shy away from finding that sensual passionate connection from someone, even if it's from an escort that won't complicate your marital relationship. Being a drama free GFE, there is a lot of us out there that are decent human beings that understand. Yes, I know there are also drama filled escorts that could be out for there own gain. Do your research and find someone with a real heart, not someone who is put on and all about the money and what you can give her. Being human means that you need a passionate connection in your life, even if it is gone from your marital relationship, you do need it somewhere in your life. The way the world is now, some days are just too stressful and difficult. If there was ever a time where a stress "release" in that physical sense is needed, well, it would be now. A stress release and a passionate girlfriend experience without the drama, well, that's something that could be just what the doctor ordered. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,