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Anita's Real Life

So real life crept up. My son whose a Junior at an Iowa college came home for a few days, hence I am not hosting until Wednesday of this week. He and my other son that is in the Army are who I breathe for, Gents. Anita Love would not have become Anita Love in March of 2014 if I didn't have the need to make some money for college tuition. Over a period of time I have lived in two different residences, the apartment in Rolling Meadows that has been described in my TER reviews in a derogatory way and my beautiful townhouse in West Schaumburg that I moved into this past May 2016.

A lot of this wouldn't have been possible if it weren't for some great returning clients that gave me a chance. Some of my regulars have stayed with me since I was very bad or average at what I did back in 2014. But I have proven that you can improve and get better everyday at french skills and the exploits of the bedroom. My mission is to be the best there is. Will I be that, well, probably not to many that still want the spinners/cover models. But I can be the best for the men that love the fleshier GFE's with great attitudes and saggy boobs with great nipples (he he, I get compliments every day on how perty they are!). I have regulars that come weekly, twice monthly, monthly or even quarterly and some that come back after a year away. I am hoping the ones in 2014 that wrote me off as not worth the time may even give me a second chance. After all, everyone has a bad day or maybe I didn't have the same attitude then as I do now. 

Maybe if I shared some of my future plans, you gentlemen can understand a bit of what makes up Anita Love. My future goals include moving to either Tennessee (nearer to Nashville) or Texas in 2019. I am sticking around here because my son is still in an Iowa college and he does come home periodically as he only has a part time job near campus and of course comes home for holidays.  Eventually I see him settling into a full time job in Iowa as he has found the love of his life there. I am happy for him and hope that the love he has found lasts a lifetime. Do I see a lot of holes in the possibility of love lasting a lifetime? Yes, unfortunately with the business I am in, it is difficult to see love as a lifetime thing.  But he has a HUGE heart and is faithful so maybe it will work for him. So moving south will happen after he graduates. I want to pay cash for a house down there and just have to work down there enough to pay my property taxes and whatever utilities. I will live a simpler life and maybe I'll continue to write in some semblance. Maybe I'll even write a book. No worries, I don't share names with anyone. I am discreet and totally true to the men that are loyal to me.  

Another future plan (after i move south) is for me to open up an animal shelter. It will be a no kill shelter and I will want to save the animals and work closely on training and rehabilitating dogs to be adoptable. I'll work closely with families that would be willing to help me foster pups, kitty's and the like. Anyone that knows me knows I have a 2 year old Labradoodle dog Belle and a 10 year old cat named Mittens. They are never in session with me but remain in the downstairs of my townhouse. They are well behaved as I work hard on the training end. My heart will always be with animals. I think they are the true loves of my life and if you really think about it, the world would be a better more loving place if everyone had the hearts of their puppy's and kitty's. I did work for a shelter back in 2012 and 2013 (before I became an Escort).  

Well, that's it for now. Hugs and kisses, 

Anita Love