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Anita’s rants and ramblings regarding Time-wasters, TER reviews, accuracy of TER reviews, and/or jealous providers, etc.

Hello all! I get a little twisted on Mondays when certain things continue to bother me.  I guess Mondays are my days to rant and because you readers are used to my rants, it will probably just be sent into the pile of Anita acting like a premenstrual woman even though I am not. Today was a pretty big timewaster day as only one regular joined me at my place and plenty unknowns offered but as usual most just want to ask “Are you available?” (without having ever introduced themselves and provided the necessary information to verify to make me feel comfortable making an appointment), “What are your rates?”, “what is your address?”, “how old are you?”, “Do you do bbbj?”,  “Where can I cum on you?”, “Where do you live?”, “And can I have a picture of your face?” And the one that had me hitting block on my phone for the upteenth time: “sending you a picture of my dick, it’s 9 inches long with a circumference of 5 inches wide, it makes women swoon.” Yes, I think I blocked fifteen gentlemen today. 

Then there was the TER review by Pashi2233 that gave me a 5 in looks and 8 for “Went the Extra Mile” performance. Normally I’d say that I appreciated the 8 in Performance and I really do because I think I go above and beyond with everyone. Gentlemen need to be thoughtful when writing reviews and maybe say something like, “Anita isn’t my type as I prefer more athletic spinners/cover models (or I like them in their 30’s) but boy can she suck a cock!”  Rather than what the newest review did say:  “I'm not going to spend any nights jerking off to the thought of her in lingerie, but her oral skills will be remembered.” Yes, I know I’m not a covermodel or spinner, thank you for pointing that out in a review (again).

So yes, I’m a bit irritated as I prefer unless a gentlemen asks for permission to review me and I give it to them, I don’t appreciate the surprise “review” that shows up. I appreciate the “8” or “9” in services, but the “5” in looks when I don’t think of myself as that. Yes, I have flabby saggy tits and a chunky middle belly area, but my face I consider as attractive with beautiful blue eyes and a nice smile. Am I beautiful no, but I get more than one second look when I have gone into places. Yes, I do know that looks are subjective and one gentlemen may find a woman attractive whereas the next doesn’t find that same woman attractive. And yes, I have that great attitude as a provider with a willingness to go above and beyond in performance in all my appointments.

Speaking of spinners/cover models that charge $400 and up, I will say that there is more than one provider in that realm that provides discounts on their services should a gentlemen write a great positive review of them. By the way, I am not saying that all spinners or cover model escorts are like this but there are many that do this. Think on this: an escort provider that receives in her reviews both a 9 or 10 in looks and in performance for multiple reviews, over and over. Then all of the sudden a gentlemen writes a more accurate review stating that her face is more average, and she definitely looks in her 50’s, and she has some “miles” on her body.

The more accurate review states that he was let down as her previous reviews were “too good to be true” and her performance this time did not match as she appeared less than excited and more “put out” to being made to work so hard. So some men are paying $400 and up to basically end up jacking themselves off. These men forget that she wouldn’t be anywhere near them if they didn’t spend that kind of money on them. Whatever…Again, I realize beauty is important to many men and many are willing to look past performance issues as long as this ravishing beauty is paying attention to them.  I’ve also noticed in some “spinner” reviews that gentlemen say they wouldn’t repeat because this beauty didn’t provide the services as he expected but he still gave her a “7” or “8” in performance. How nice, she didn’t work that hard and all she had to do is look pretty to get those numbers. Heavier BBW women that look “average” such as myself and are eager to please have to work hard to get 8’s or 9’s in performance.

Lately I’ve been hit with many “mean” comments on my Escort Babylon review account as well as a false review that said I didn’t allow a gentlemen a second or additional pop after the first pop. Some of the mean comments insinuated that I went through a man’s wallet while he was in the bathroom. No, that is false as I absolutely would never do that. Never happened, and never will. Regarding the false review, it said: “After the first pop, she got up and started dressing well before the hour was up and acted like she was done..” No, I have NEVER done that to anyone. My policy after “pop 1” and subsequent pops within the sixty minute hour is I always offer a second or more pop, do a little chit/chat while laying there to let him rest for a few minutes, then start on round two with kisses to him and then moving down his body again. If he decides then that he feels “done” and ready to go back to work and pops up to get dressed, I then follow suit to get up as well. I have never popped up before a client has made the decision to be done. Yes, if the hour or timeframe paid for is up, I do get up in that circumstance.

I started to notice that another mature GILF provider in the North suburbs started to get all these positive comments and positive reviews from same gentlemen that left me bad ones. So a lightbulb went off in my head: Ahh, a jealous provider is orchestrating the comments and bad review. Well, all I can say is that she is showing herself as being jealous and vindictive, not qualities that men want in providers that they see. See by showing herself as that with both comments and reviews, she is indicating that she is full of drama which is something men hate. I leave my competition alone. I feel we can all have our piece of the pie and help keep each other safe (providing references for each other does this). I always give computer help when other providers ask as well. Some providers aren’t as savvy on the computer and cannot get their ads up at times so I do help assist them when they call me. If you notice Amy 34 Double EE’s website is similar to mine, well, I’m the one that put her website together. 

So I am hoping Tuesday is a better day and a better week is in store for me after that.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,