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Anita's Part 2 of ramblings on a Thursday!

Good morning, again. This wild tigress has just come home from the gym that I belong to feeling like I can conquer the world! Or at the very least, solve world peace! Well, maybe not that as I don't want to meet The Donald! It appears that some of my sisterhood did get to see his "piece" though. I was wondering why Stormy didn't describe it as so many of us have been wondering about it since he brought up penis size in one of the Presidential GOP debates. 

I read on The Erotic Review ("TER") Discussion Boards that one escort provider did ask any of the gentlemen their opinion of her having a tummy tuck. She had lost a large amount of weight and had hanging belly skin. She explained that the scars on her tummy would be quite apparent for about a year post surgery and she was worried that it would turn gentlemen off. As usual, all of the jerks on TER came out of the woodwork and expressed the kind of opinions that made her feel awful for even bringing up the subject. One gentlemen ("GaGambler") feels the need to comment on every discussion board post because he is obviously an "authority" on every subject matter and he basically told her that it would not be worth it to do the tummy tuck. In his opinion, yes, she would turn men off and it would be better if she just "hit the gym" (like she has never seen one before after losing a large amount of weight), get a personal trainer and work the weight off the old fashioned way.

So I felt bad for her because, yes, I have lost a large amount of weight too. I lost over 100 pounds and weightloss has been a struggle for me. I still have fifty pounds to lose as well. In that, I have many joint issues based on osteo arthritis, hence all my surgeries. I have spent a lot of time in the gym over the years and yes, I even had a personal trainer for awhile. No matter how many exercises, squats, situps, whatever, I still have the belly with extra skin hanging. I still have the saggy breasts due to the weight loss.  I have also checked out the breast lift/tummy tuck options because of feeling ashamed at the saggy breasts and extra skin on my belly. Because of the scars that would be blotchy and ugly, I had decided not to go through the surgery last year. Many of my clients said they loved me as I am and the surgery would never pay off in extra business. I would likely lose those mature gentlemen that preferred providers to look natural. But I can identify with her feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem based on feeling like I can never measure up to the spinners and cover model providers. 

So I am hoping that this escort provider takes a long look at the situation as I did last year and decides against the surgery. Skin removal is very painful and the after effects of the ugly scars could set her even more into a depression and feelings of inadequacy. Yes, I am hitting the gym again because it will help strengthen my right knee that was just replaced this past November and also will help me lose the remainder of the weight I need to lose. I am hoping to tighten the skin with weight training but I do know that unlike what GaGambler said about hitting the gym and getting a personal trainer, there is nothing that can tighten the loose skin around the middle perfectly (after extreme weight loss) and cure the sagginess of saggy breasts.

So, I have to hope that clientele sees me as a real woman that is a pleaser and is worthwile to spend a passionate, sensual hour (or multiple hours) in the bedroom. Yes, I am a 52 year old woman with a mature woman's body, that has scars, saggy breasts and extra skin but is so ready, willing and able to make a mature gentlemen feel so good about himself and provide that needed stress relief that he so badly needs.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,