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Anita's bedtime story - come sit on my knee, gents! Underwear off! A true story..

Just laying down to bed, thinking of some stories I could tell. I have so many and gents just love when I share some in session. So I am guessing some of you are sitting around playing with Skippy Jr and looking at pictures, wondering if there is anything that can cause a quick blow so that you could sleep better. Of course I want to help. My days have been devoid of sex since Friday so I could use some stimulation myself.  

This story took place 15 years prior. The names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.

Maggie invited Mary over to her place where she had a couple male friends, her boyfriend, Rob and another male friend, Doug. She mentioned that her other male friend Doug was in an unhappy no sex marriage as well and just wanted a sensual relationship where he could explore some swinging as well as some hot and heavy one on one sex. Doug was a 52 year old recent retiree from a very high level position in a Fortune 500 company. He had worked so hard over a lot of years, so he was ready for the time of his life. So when Lisa's friend Mary walked in the door, his loins tightened and he was looking into the deepest blue eyes he had ever seen. "Wow, a pretty blonde with blue eyes..." Being Irish himself, he loved pretty Irish women. Mary was a bit overweight but she had a smile that lit up the room. He was ready for whatever the night would bring. Rob, Maggie's boyfriend also seemed a bit enamoured with Mary and Maggie's lips tightened as she looked at Rob's reaction. Maggie was a short chunky red head with hair down past her shoulders and large breasts and ass. Rob was thin, taller, 6'1" balding with glasses. Maggie invited Mary over because she knew that Mary needed it. She knew that Mary had been in a loveless no sex marriage and no matter how much Maggie said she needed an affair, Mary just sputtered and protested. It was time for some real action in her life. An affair would maybe give her some extra confidence. She always wore such dowdy clothes. She needed to show those pert full breasts off to someone.

Maggie introduced Mary to the gentlemen and asked if Mary wanted a drink. Mary took a sip of the cabernay sauvignon that was handed to her and then took her first real long look at Doug. A stocky red head with rosy cheeks, and a nice smile, only an inch or so taller than her 5'7" frame, Doug talked with such a confident air. Mary was instantly attracted but shyly kept her eyes down while talking to him. Once everyone appeared comfortable, Maggie led the group into her bedroom where there was a large kingsize bed. The guys knew what was going to happen next, Rob grabbed Maggie by the hand and drew her to the bed, where he started passionately kissing her. He pulled her sweater over her head, unclasping her bra from behind her so he could put his right hand over her left breast. His mouth and tongue moved from her lips, to her ears, down to her throat, and he pushed her legs against the bed where she tumbled backwards. He followed her down onto the bed, licking and kissing down to her breasts and giving each nippled attention, one side and then the other. Maggie moves her hand to pulling Rob's shirt over his head and then moved her hand down to his waste working on his belt and pulling his jeans down and off. Rob continues his breasts licks and sucking while this is going on and Maggie lets out a moan of approval. His hands work her belt and pull her pants and underwear down as well, feeling the wetness between her legs..he moves his mouth down to give lick and suck at the clit between her legs, licking up and down, to her labia, back up and sucking and sunctioning the clit as she let's out a breath and says "oh, my god", as she has her first orgasm.  

While Maggie and Rob are getting more and more in the moment, Doug grabs Mary's hand and starts kissing from her hand, up her arm, to where her shirt short sleeve started..he moved his other hand to the bottom of the shirt and lifted Mary's arms up to pull the shirt over her head..He noticed the colorless bra she wore, he unclasped the back and her large soft breasts tumbled out, the nipples looked like they badly needed attention. Doug licked and sucked them and moved up from them back to Mary's lips, passionate deep kissing her and licking her lips, over to her ears, back to her lips and down her body, pushing her down on the opposite side of the bed from where Maggie and Rob lay. Doug pulled down Mary's black pants and followed down her body to her breasts, licking and sucking and then down between Mary's legs, licking between them, inside the vaginal lips, to the clit, suctioning and licking, to labia, up and down until Mary reached her first climax with a big exhale and "I'm coming"..She had worked Doug's shirt over his head before so was feeling around to his first member pushing against the heavy jean pants he was wearing.  She unbuttoned and pulled his jeans down after her orgasm and decied to get a lick down there as well. It had been years since she had gone down on a man and she all the sudden had desire for a taste of the precum that glistened at the top of his member. She licked up and down from top to bottom and decided to give the ball sack some attention with lots of licking and sucking, and then put both balls in her mouth. Doug was elated that Mary was so involved. When Maggie first talked about her, he thought he would have to do a lot of cajoling and leading along but she was as into it as he was if not even more so. He didn't want to cum yet though so he pulled her mouth off of him and had her come up his body, he started sucking and licking her nipples again and then brought her mouth to his for some more deep french kissing.

Doug looked across and saw Rob's cock was being licked and sucked on by Maggie and he was struggling to hold back as well. He caught Rob's eye and Rob did the similar pulling up Maggie so he could work more on her top half and prolong the excitement more. Maggie couldn't wait any longer though. As Rob and her were french kissing, she got on top of Rob and mounted his cock. She started riding Rob feverishly, yelling "fuck me with that big fat cock"..and just altogether crying out, as Rob said "yes, of course, love that pussy"..pounding and grunting. Mary looked at what Maggie was doing and got bold. She was rubbing Doug's cock up and down from top to bottom, tip, back down and tightening her hand over his balls. He couldn't hold back and pushed Mary onto her back and drove his cock, balls deep into her pussy. Mary felt so filled and could feel the tip of his cock deep inside of her. He thrust deep and she put her legs over Doug's shoulders as he grunted and said "Gosh, you're so tight, babe..tight pussy." She said, "it's been so long since I had a cock deep inside me, keep fucking me deep, baby"..He asked if he could fuck her doggie, Mary got up and got on her knees as he stuck his cock in her snatch, up and down the lips of her pussy and then found her hole and thrust deep..he reached forward and felt her breasts, nipples, rubbed up and down as he continued to fuck her to the hilt...that position always gets him and he did what he could to hold back, but a final thrust and he lost it, cum released deep inside her pussy..Mary with her hand playing underneath with his balls and her pussy, let's out a "fuck, I'm coming"..and they both fell into each other's arms. 

Maggie was being fucked while on her back by this time. Rob was playing a bit with Maggie's clit while he was deep inside of Maggie, balls deep, then continual deep thrusts. Maggie loves cum however so she asked if she could swallow Rob's load. He said "of course", and pulls out and drags Maggie up and she has his cock deep inside her mouth as he cums. She continues to take it as Rob thrusts his cock in and out and deep inside her throat until she gets every spurt of cum that Rob has. They both lay exhaustedly next to Doug and Mary. 

Mary got up to use the washroom so walks down the hall naked and enters the bathroom and closes it behind her. Rob heads to the other bathroom down at the end of the hall. Doug and Maggie look at one another and Maggie reaches over and pulls Doug's face to hers for a quick kiss, that grows deep until both their tongues are meeting. Doug feels between Maggie's legs and rubs up and down her pussy..she feels his member and smiles at Doug. She goes down to lick and suck him up and down, sucking his balls. He had been envious that his friend had gotten to blow in a mouth so it wasn't long before his cum was blowing in Maggie's mouth and she was swallowing every drop as well.

Rob was about to walk in and saw what was going on..he knocks and enters the bathroom where Mary was just washing up. He said, "the others are a bit busy"..and he grabs her and kisses her deep, licking between her lips. Mary, a bit caught by surprise, let's him and starts to respond back, deep kissing, tongue's meeting, and then she starts feeling his member grow against her. She reaches her one hand down to feel, his hand follows down to between her legs, entering her opening, fingering her. She drops down to her knees to suck, lick him up and down, she hadn't ever really experienced giving oral very often. Her husband Jim was a quick rider on top and fast asleep in the years previous when they were sexually active. He never acted interested in doing any oral on her so she just left the oral bit alone. Now she craved the taste of Rob's cock, wanted it deep in her mouth and wanted the taste of cum more than she ever had before. Rob seemed to want to fuck her though, so he pulled her back up and pushed her up against the sink, entered Mary swiftly. She tightened her legs behind Rob and they embraced and held on as Rob continually thrust deep inside of Mary. She had never felt so stretched down there in her life as Rob was significantly bigger than both her husband and Doug. She still wanted the taste of cum badly so whispered in his ear as thrust deep that she wanted to swallow his load. Rob smiled and said "Sure thing" and pulled out and Mary went down on her knees again and stuffed his member in her mouth and tasted all the jism spewing in there. She swallowed everything that spewed into her mouth and smiled upward afterwards as Rob pulled her back up and they helped each other clean up before exiting the bathroom with big smiles on their faces. 

Both Maggie and Doug were dozing on the bed by that point so they joined their partners and layed down. Rob grabbed and held Maggie and Mary layed right against Doug, All contentedly ready to rest a bit before the next round. 

Stay tuned...:)