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Anita out of town Friday September 22 through Sunday September 24

Hi there, gentlemen! Today, Thursday is my last day of hosting this week as I leave tomorrow Friday, September 22 to go to my son's last parents weekend (he's a senior in college). I'll be on the sidelines cheering for his college football team to win their game on Saturday and goint to the various socials they have planned at his college for the weekend. I love the beautiful campus and it appers it will be a hot one at 90 degrees for most of the weekend.  

I am not out of the woods yet with my son as he is starting his applications for graduate school now so it will be another two years after this one for him to be done.  He likely will stay in Iowa as his girlfriend and her family live there.  Frankly, anything is better than Illinois (due to the high standard of living and taxes). I feel sorry for our young people graduating college now as job opportunities are so much more bleak than when I graduated college in 1988.  

Have a great weekend, gentlemen! Stay cool. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,