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Anita Diaries - August 6th thru August 12th, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! No, I did not forget about the Anita Diaries of last week but the problem is I only hosted a few days (Monday through Wednesday) last week as remainder of week I had a fever, chills, pain, lethargic and really unable to navigate writing anything. Even though not contagious, I never like giving a bad performance or cheating anyone out of this wild tigress at her best so I will NEVER host when I am ill. I told one gentlemen earlier last week that if your at the first appointment or the last appointment, I shine in all appointments and I always show up and I'm at my best for each appointment.

Are there days when I am just tired and rather catch up on rest? Of course, and sometimes you are unaware  of it (as I don’t always post I have taken a half day of), but if I have a slow day, I might finish my appointments at 12pm or 1pm and then take a nice tigress nap in the afternoon and afterwards take my lovable dog, Belle for a walk.  Belle is a smaller midsize Australian Labradoodle that is almost three years old and she is well-trained, wonderful and my best friend. I also have a cat named Mittens who is age 10. Both my dog and cat stay downstairs during my appointments so there is nothing to be concerned with should you not like pets.

Belle doesn’t shed but Mittens does and I am allergic to his dander/hair so he isn’t allowed to sleep inside any of the bedrooms. You are wondering why I have Mittens then? Well, right after my mom passed away in August 2008, it probably was six months later that we started visiting animal shelters for a feline. As my mom was allergic, we never had a cat because she was always over at my place. I was always wondering what having a cat felt like and my dogs at the time were happy with each other but I was still wanting another animal to love.  Mittens found me at the shelter (he was abandoned) and even though my doctor had since found my allergies, I don’t plan on abandoning Mittens. I just take allergy medicines daily and survive.

Regarding last week’s Monday through Wednesday hosting, I had many wonderful regulars as well as a few new clients that visited me in my beautiful townhouse. All GFE’s, as everyone was enjoying the make out sessions. Lot’s of naked body to body contact and passionate clinches galore. I had a few gentlemen that wanted prostate massages and a couple wanted strapon play as well as role play. A reminder that prostate massage, strapon play, role play, golden shower, cross dressing, foot fetish, any fetish, are under the $170 hour, light BDSM. I have clients think I’ll sneak the role play into the GFE session and include it under the hour GFE $140. No, role play is under the $170 hour.  A reminder that Greek is not on my menu but a couple of my friends Amy 34 Double EE and SexyAss Jackie do offer Greek for a premium upcharge. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,