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Anita Diaries - April 8th thru April 14, 2018

Good evening, all. Your tigress here with her week-long summary of clandestine, sultry, sexually potent meetings. Again, thank you to all that came to see me in the last week, new clients and regulars. You made a statement that you weren’t going to let the government ruin the hobby.  I appreciate that and hope that my empty week starting tomorrow get’s filled up with appointments!  I enjoyed every moment this past week and boy did I lay back and get treated very wonderfully with men’s mouths! All those pleasers can come back anytime!

Monday started out with a couple of regulars and a newly verified client.  The first client of the week was one of my foot fetish regulars. He loves to worship feet and have me handjob and suck him. I always love my foot worshippers because they make me feel so good!  My second was a regular senior gentlemen that just loves to make out, deep French kiss and wants lots of mutual oral. He was one of the ones that has a great mouth on “Penelope the pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”. Finished him up with a mixture of hand and mouth. The last client was a new younger gentlemen that wanted to see if my oral skills were for real. He came to the conclusion that my reviews definitely were true. He will be back (as will my two regulars)!

For Tuesday, it was a couple of newly verified clients and a regular in between. I am always a bit nervous with new gentlemen as I seek to please but I needn’t of worried as both were into pleasing and being pleased, true GFE appointments, yes! You never know when they book whether mutual oral is on the menu or not because some really just want my mouth on them all over. Both loved kissing, sucking titties, licking Penelope and Cleo and when I worked them, I ended up with my protein shakes. The gentlemen in the middle was a regular of mine that loves the mutual oral and also came in my mouth. None wanted to fuck Penelope that day but then again, it is pretty common for me to go days without being fucked. It’s okay and it really is up to the gentlemen. I understand that the specialness of having my awesome mouth all over them and rimming them is the real treat. They don’t get that at home!

On Wednesday, I started out with a really sweet soul, a newly verified client that was very enjoyable to spend an hour with. All I can say is one of the things I love the most is the conversations, the getting to know you with the new clients. Every client has an interesting story and this one did not disappoint. He does love the mutual GFE and my mouth on him and enjoyed the conversation afterwards.  My middle client was the infamous “Pussy Muncher” visiting me again, loving the make-out sessions, giving adoration to Cleo and Penelope (orgasms in the double digits again) and leaving me with a big smile on my face. After him was a cross dresser, strapon client and yes, he enjoys the role play.  I stayed in character for the full 90 minutes as his horny mother. The last client was another sweet, shy young soul, met him originally with SexyAss Jackie on a doubles day but he wanted to come and visit me separately. He has great oral skills for not being in the normal age range of my other clientele. Again, me being able to lay back and enjoy myself again and he seemed very happy with me licking and sucking his cock, up and down, cock adoration. He decided he’d like to fuck Penelope, so we did some horizontal mambo! Then he came in my mouth.

Just a couple mature gentlemen on Thursday, but very enjoyable times both. The first gentlemen was a 90 minute newly verified client in the afternoon. He definitely loves deep French kissing (yes, make-out sessions), mutual oral, he loves to please (“thank you”) and I was able to finish him Im my mouth with a combination of hand job and my mouth sucking him.  He also loved my rimming.  The last visitor was a long lost regular I hadn’t seen in a while. We had a rousing good make out session, lots of oral on both sides, then he eventually came after a combination of hand and mouth and me rubbing my naked body all over him. Yes, there is nothing like naked body to body.  All I can say is come back soon, boys!

On Friday, I had a couple of newly verified clients, both on the shy side and it took about six months on the fence each before they fell off. As usual, they seemed glad they did! I usually can get them relaxed within the first ten minutes. Both were more interested in my oral talents but they did a good job trying to please as well. Yes, you guessed it, two protein shakes. The gentlemen in the middle was a long lost regular that wanted to join me for a cross dress (he wanted to wear my panties) and then I was (again) his mother in a role play. Then a strange turn of events as I jarred a memory from him, so I was also his sister. Never had a role play that took a turn (and a change of character) but this one did.

On Saturday, I started out with some beloved regulars, both love the mutual oral and made “Penelope” and “Cleo” quite happy, and yes, I was extremely wet and they lapped up all my juices and I got them back by kissing and licking myself off their faces! I do have to admit, I taste absolutely delicious! Then a newly verified gentlemen from out of state came to visit, seemed more enamored with my oral skills but he wanted me to ride him cowgirl too, so I did. He then finished in my mouth and seemed happy enough, said he wasn’t a two popper. Gave him a happy kiss goodbye.

A thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips, gift cards, coffee, flowers, wine and dog and cat treats! (I love animal lovers, thank you!). 

So, all in all, a very good week. Again, looking for consistency this week as well, so hoping more of my gentlemen regulars and some of those fence fallers will join me for appointments! A reminder that Friday, April 20th is girlfriend fun day with SexyAss Jackie in Naperville 10am thru 11pm. Since I don’t have anywhere really to advertise this anymore, please if anyone wants to join us, please let me know! 

And regarding the picture with this post, no offense to the men populace but now that TER is down for awhile, I may get a wonderful set of newly verified clients and regulars and I won't get the assholes just coming to me on a curiosity and wanting an extra review to give them their free VIP for the month.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,