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Ask Anita: Do Escorts enjoy Sex? Or is it simply economics and great acting?

Do all Escorts enjoy sex or is it simply for the money? I can really only speak for myself in that I do love sex. As a former neglected housewife before beginning this career a few years back, I had very little knowledge or experience. I am at the prime of my life and primed for enjoyment. I remember as a little girl to now just enjoying pleasuring myself but never really ever achieving an orgasm during my marriage. I was a virgin when I married and in a marriage to a guy with no experience as well.

Memo to those young couples out there. Live together before marriage and work at experiencing all the sex you can before you settle down and get married. Wait to get married until you are at least age 30. 

Is being an Escort about only sex for me? No, I also needed the money. I found myself a displaced worker with a son just graduating from high school. I do not have a drug habit or alcoholism or any other real addiction I am trying to support. I could charge a lot more for what I do but frankly that would mean I would be sitting by myself waiting for men to afford my services. I'd go nuts and be incredibly sexually frustrated. Yes, I recently raised my donations some but that was after two years of not raising them.

As far as other escorts, well, most do it simply for the money. The ones that charge $300 and up for their services (even some into thousands of dollars), well, you may kid yourself that these high priced "cover models" or "spinners" are enjoying whatever you are doing to them and having multiple O's (yes, I read the reviews on TER), but these women are wonderful actresses that are all about "Less Clients = More Money". If they really loved sex, would they really be willing to wait around for days or weeks for client dates? Many are supporting addictions so whatever money they can get will go to that. They say they are in other "businesses" and are just doing it part time so they are "selective" but it's just a smokescreen to lure you into their web and make you think they have "less sex" so therefore are "more safe" than the others. Face it, any amount of sex is sex and as Escorts, some of us take very good care of ourselves hygiene wise with cleanliness to our mouths and bodies, safe intercourse/anal with condoms and regular testing. So the risk is the same no matter who is chosen and if those gentlemen feel better in paying half or more of a mortgage payment to see someone, more power to them! But let's not kid ourselves that the higher priced Escorts are really loving the "journey" or "process" and that all the "O's" are real. 

Gentlemen, feel free to send questions through the Contact Page for future subjects you'd like to see covered in Anita Answers.

Hugs and kisses, Anita