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An update from your (not so) Wild Anita!

Good evening, gentlemen, it is your wild tigress checking in and wishing all of you a belated Happy Thanksgiving! I will say that the Total Knee (otherwise known as “TKA”) surgery knocked me for a total loop. I really don’t remember the day, date or much else since I was wheeled into surgery at Rush University Medical Center at 1:45pm on November 17, 2017. My doctor from Rush Midwest Orthopedics did awesome work but right now it is just pain and managing pain and a lot of daily sitting and standing exercises that stretch and bend the knee, hoping for a 90 degree bend and flexion excercises. I stayed in the hospital for one overnight but otherwise I have been at home starting rehabilitation. 

The physical therapist visited me at home a total of three times this past week and will be seeing me tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday of this week. He will then transition me to outpatient Physical Therapy. There is an ATI only a mile from my place so that may be the most realistic option. ATI can pick me up and return me to my place since I haven’t been given the approval to drive yet (it is my right knee that was replaced). Right now I am progressing at home as I used a cane the first five days but “look ma, no hands!” I don’t need the cane anymore as I am walking unassisted. I am still expecting that I won’t be returning as Wild Anita or Mistress Anita until the week of December 11th.

So the rundown for the last 10 days is a lot of sleeping, lots of medications making me groggy, doing the exercises two to three times daily and my home Physical Therapist pushing on my legs, knee, etc. I know it’s for the best but I was ready to punch him the last day that he visited. My sister stayed with me from the day of the surgery and just left to fly back to her home yesterday. She is a retired physical therapist so she is used to rehabbing unhappy grumpy patients so I fit right in. She made sure I ate to keep my strength up as well as kept up on the exercises.  The good part, I don’t feel like eating so this holiday probably would show a loss of weight versus a gain “SCORE”! My other sister (I have two sisters) hosted Thanksgiving at her place so a wonderful visit with family, eating the usual Thanksgiving meal and watching NFL football, all wonderful to me.

My college age son came in for a visit of a few days so he helped me a lot around the house until he left to go back this morning. Yes, the truth of it, I am on my own now and I must follow rehabiliation as much as I can, listen to my doctors and not kill any physical therapists in the process.  From all the clients that I have spoken to or received emails or texts from, I have heard all great things of how this will change my life for the better. Thank you to all of those who have sent messages of encouragement. It did cheer this teary tigress up as I definitely have had some blues since the surgery took place. 

For those that are wondering, yes, even surgeries and medications, they dampen my libido. The first gentlemen client to visit me the week of December 11th, he will be a very lucky guy! I will have returned to “virgin” status if that is even possible! The achiness/pain through my right leg, it takes away all yearning.

Being the week of Thanksgiving, I have a lot to be thankful for: my sister who dropped everything to fly in to help me, the love of my son who came home from college for a few days and gave his mom his attention, my dog and cat are absolutely so loveable and they stay by my side almost 24/7 and finally, the encouragement from my clients through messages, emails and texts, a heartfelt “thank you” right back to you.

I do have reading material from clients that was left to me this past week so I will be starting that this week in between therapy sessions. Stay tuned as I will be writing updates as well as some erotic stories. Hoping it wets your sexual appetites so much you all pole vault to my place for a visit upon my return! Yes, I will give Skippy lots of loving kissings and licks.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,