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An Endorsement for Masturbation

Masturbation is known as stimulating ones genitals for the outcome of sexual satisfaction generally until the point of climax. Masturbation can and may involve a person’s fingers, hands, sex toys and or a combination of all of these.

Mutual masturbation is mutual stimulation of each other’s genitals between two or more partners, which in some cases, maybe be used as a substitute for oral sex or penetrative sex. Many studies have outlined that masturbation is natural and a frequent occurrence between both males and females of all ages.

There are many psychological and medical benefits of masturbation, which include stress relief and a healthy and open minded attitude towards sexual intercourse.

I actually like that last sentence as it states there is benefits in masturbation, in today’s society there is a lot of shame around touching oneself. Mixed messages and misinformation about masturbation from parents, friends and the media can make people feel ashamed and even embarrassed about touching themselves but I believe it’s a healthy normal thing to explore yourself and there should never be any guilt!

Why I think playing with yourself is good –

  1. Masturbation makes you happy. When you pleasure yourself and orgasm your body releases endorphins (feel good chemicals) they release into your bloodstream and this can make you feel much happier.
  2. Self-pleasuring boosts your immune system by increasing your metabolism.
  3. Masturbation is a good way to relieve stress. If you masturbate, you are less likely to get stressed-out. Healthy chemicals are released and a feeling of calmness can occur
  4. It helps with discomfort and even pain. Trapped blood in your balls can cause your balls to ache and without masturbation can build and build so to have a release can get rid of the pressure.
  5. Masturbation is good for self-acceptance of your body. By exploring your own body you can workout what is erotically pleasing for yourself.
  6. Mutual masturbation can lead to more self confidence and a happier sex life. Knowing what you like you can work out more sexual techniques and by opening up and expressing what you want with a partner helps you sexually connect.
  7. Masturbation is a very effective for treating sexual dysfunction. For those guys who suffer from “premature ejaculation”, from time to time, or quite regularly – with guidance from an experienced Brisbane escort turned hands on sex coach, like myself may learn to incorporate masturbation into their personal sessions which can greatly assist in learning self-control during masturbating and in the bedroom.

All in all masturbation is self-pleasure and we all love Pleasure! Pleasing yourself and making yourself happy, in my eyes is perfectly ok.  More masturbation = more happiness in this world.