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A year in a life of Wild Anita!
It's been one year since I was outed to my family by my former "BFF". Some learned lessons along the way:
  1. There is nothing more important than the love of family. My children and granddaughter have become more important than ever to me. I value every moment we spend together and there isn't a time that I won't drop everything including being Wild or Mistress Anita to go to them. Money cannot buy everything as love does not have a price tag. 
  2. Discretion is important, as is no drama. I always knew this and practiced this as a provider but having experienced the worst thing that every man fears brought it close to home for me. You cannot really know until you have felt that fear in your gut of losing all of those close to you. 
  3. I have not done anything to get back at her over this. I would rather be the better person. 
  4. Since then, I keep my circle small and I trust NO ONE. Once you have given all that you can to a friend who did not appreciate it, it definitely has kept me from stepping out and trusting again.
  5. I appreciate the regulars that continue to come back and those "fence fallers" that have decided I am worth seeing. I can tell you that it has been relatively quiet since last September 2018. 
  6. Taking time off with my family and furry pets is the best medicine. When you are seeing on my schedule the "vacation days" noted, it is me either taking time for myself or spending time with those that I love. Do know that when I return from those breaks, you are getting the best, well rested Wild Anita to spend time with.
  7. Moving out of Schaumburg is the best decision I have ever made. I did make that decision by myself to move west. I have my "private life" and I have my "business life" totally separated. 

In addition to the drama from last August 2018, it has been extremely difficult navigating the post SESTA/FOSTA life. The business is definitely not what it was. Less advertising venues and not as many "hobbyists" do make a difference. Every day is more of a struggle. I keep holding on. I'm not giving up. I just may have to work at other things along with being Wild Anita.  

For those of you fence riders, be understanding of the struggles of sex workers. Our lives are on the line every day as well as being targeted by law enforcement. There are reasons behind our need for screening/verification. Providers have died, been raped or been badly beaten up by making wrong decisions on clients. I am thankful that more and more potential clients/fence riders are calling to talk with me through the screening process, either to get a better idea as to what information is needed or to provide screening information over the telephone. The "dreaded" Appointment Request form, texting or emailing aren't the only ways to complete the verification. 
Thank you to those friends and "regulars" that continue to support me and be there for me. You know who you are. May love surround you always.
Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,