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A word or two about screening/verification.

Good evening all. Every day I meet so many new gentlemen via telephone calls, texts, emails and through their completed Appointment Request forms. There are those that refuse to verify/screen and literally hang up on me when I suggest they provide two items with their name on them to verify who they are or that they complete the Appointment Request form on my website or to send an email to my encrypted Protonmail with those items that they prefer to send that way versus my Appointment Request form. The true hobbyists know that the safest escort providers are those that do screen. I usually have no problem with those gentlemen.  So every day I hope I can somehow convert one “fence sitter” to be a “fence faller” (falling safely through verifying/screening with me of course). 

Today I talked to a gentleman on the telephone at length about my evolution of the last four years as Wild Anita and how my website helps those hobbyists both new and old. He in turn shared a bad story, one that no gentleman wants to tell. A year ago after he looked at an advertisement, he called the woman in the Ad and set up an appointment. She didn’t ask any real screening questions of him and then made the appointment with him and gave her address.  He arrived at the hotel and went in. She answered the door. After pulling the donation out, he put it on the bed. She walked away and opened the door and the police came in and arrested him. This is a typical entrapment scenario. The escort/provider did not ask any questions of him and provided him with her address.

Every day I receive phone calls from gentlemen that just want me to set appointments with them and give my address without provide any screening/verification of themselves. The nightmare that the above gentleman went through is what could happen to those gentlemen. So be careful what you wish for. None of you want your secret hobby to get out to your significant others or to your families. Think with your big head on this one versus the small head.

So back to the gentleman that called, I encouraged him to either complete my Appointment Request form or send me an email if he felt more comfortable verifying that way and no he hasn’t. I realize how hard it is for fence sitters to fall off the fence so likely it will still take him awhile as many of you may still be fence sitters and understand his concerns as well. Many of you may have a bad story to tell. Some gentlemen may have been robbed or mugged when they have arrived at appointments. Others may have extortion stories of escorts contacting them after meets for more money (or threatening to tell their families). Or others still also have stories of escorts taking the money and running while the “John” gets comfortable in the hotel room.

So this whole hobby thing is a risk. I will never lie as there are escorts that have drug dependencies and pimps and for those ones you should avoid based on any of the above concerns.  The risk is worse for those new to the hobby that do not do their homework and only look for escorts that don't screen. When I indicate in all of my advertisements that gentlemen should read my website before calling me, many still call me and ask for information without having visited my website. Some gentlemen act aggravated and put off when I still request them to read my website. They act offended that I even ask that. I mean, what do I know, right?

I am just trying to teach hobbyists to research escorts thoroughly.  Do your research on anyone you plan on making a date with. An escort that has a website, well, usually those that have websites, especially ones with a lot of detail, are legitimate real escort providers law enforcement or law enforcement set ups). Those escorts that have a lot of reviews, again, unlikely to be a law enforcement set up. If an escort provider has multiple advertisements, meaning they advertise more than on just one website, again, unlikely to be a law enforcement set up.  I had some gentlemen tell me that they watched my advertisement on EROS for a few months before they contacted me. A lot of those schooled hobbyists sit back and read the ads in whatever locations (EROS, Slixa, Adult Search, Listcrawler/Escort Babylon, RS-AVS, Twitter and Switter), they read the escort providers websites, they read whatever reviews of those escort providers that exist (or if the escort providers have them on their websites like me!) and then when they contact the escort provider, they are less nervous when completing the screening/verification process. 

I do notice that when I do get those fence fallers (many in the last few weeks, thank you!), they act extremely eager and excited to meet me. I love meeting my “fans” or my “fence fallers” after they have spent months or even years sitting on the fence. It feels like we have known each other a long time.

I felt like even though I have written something like this before, it needed to be said again today. I’m thinking many of my new readers don’t always go back to the 2017 written blogs although I encourage all of you to go back and read the earlier blogs because much of my original story of my life is covered there.

For those gentlemen that are from out of town that come into the Chicagoland area periodically for business, do not wait until the last minute to verify/screen with me. It is so much easier to slide an out of town visitor into an appointment time slot if they taken care of the verification before coming into town. I had a businessman traveler visit with me on Tuesday evening for a ninety minute appointment that had sent a text to me an hour before that open time slot. The difference with him is that he verified with me over six months ago so when he did come into town it was easy to give him that open time slot that same evening.

Even this wild tigress needs to rest so I am going to bed. I have no one booked yet for Thursday and Friday. Any of my regulars and any newly verified gentlemen, come and get me!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,