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A special thank you to all...

Before continuing with my Anita Diaries that you are all eagerly awaiting, I wanted to say a thank you to all of those “fans” out there as well as my regulars, newly verified clients and prospective new clients that have sent me messages, emails, texts of good will, just to check on how I am doing, and how SESTA has effected my business based on the government shutting down several advertisers last week. I want to say thank you for the encouragements sent because it has been the hardest of weeks mainly due to worry but also several things have happened along the way.

I can tell you that I am very encouraged by many that “fell off the fence” last week and screened with me and I have happily added them as a scheduled visit this week that starts tomorrow. I am touched by many that sent messages that they had a wonderful first visit with me and look forward to seeing me again soon.

Last week, I also lost a friend in the business. That is hard for me to handle because we have had such good times together and she helped me a lot when I needed to be coached on the verifications and other safeguards of the business. A regular of mine planned to see her the following week but he asked me about her services in detail and I told him yes, she does certain things and she is good at certain things. The one thing he asked that meant the most to him, well, I couldn’t say for sure that she did that because I had read reviews and a couple of my clients told me in the past that she didn’t so I told him the truth: That I wasn’t sure that she did that service because I had been told and read to the contrary.

He decided not to see her after all and she got angry at me. The problem I have and what is different about me is I can’t lie. I can’t lie to my clients because it isn’t in me to do that. That is why SESTA is hard because it makes me keep secrets and pushes me to hide things. Everything is hidden, everything is secret and everything is censored. I can’t lie to my clients because it is not in me to do so and also, they pay my bills. I feel I have to be up front with them on everything. So the truth is, yes, I am feeling a loss but I know I can’t back down and I have to keep going forward in my life.

So now onto the start of the new week. I will be providing my Anita Diaries shortly. Thank you again for your continued support and encouragement at this difficult time. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,