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A reminder to those gentlemen that want to use providers they have seen as references to see others

Gentlemen, one thing I did not mention in that when I was away in Oshkosh, Wisconsin last weekend, I had a provider from outside the state of Illinois contact me for a reference for one of the gentlemen that I have seen in the past. I was a bit limited last weekend in that I had difficulty having any service as well as internet on my phone due to being more rural and being in the middle of a huge Air Show that had over 590,000 attendees. I struggled all weekend to track down whether I had seen this gentlemen as he kept giving her different phone numbers for me to try to find him on my phone, the third phone number given finally worked (I have contacts listed as first name with phone number and the words "verified" for each so it is best that I search by phone number).

The gentlemen had also told her it was within a year of having seen me when it was actually over two years since he saw me. Please remember that most providers will not do references for any gentlemen unless it has been within six months of the visit and at the very latest a year since he has seen that provider.  It was really frustrating and distracting for me to have to chase that down when he could have made it much easier. How you ask? Well, here is proper etiquette for asking for a provider references: 

1. Please contact the provider or providers first before you give their names, phone numbers and email addresses as references. Make sure you have received the providers permission to use her as a reference. Number 1 is because you will be working to "refresh" her memory and it will make the ability of having that reference work out quicker and you will be verified/approved to see the other provider much quicker. In this case it had taken me three days to find him in my phone and likely he ended up losing out on the ability to see another provider. 

2. Please know that there are many providers that are NOT reference friendly. Some are very territorial of their clients and don't want to share. I am not that way as I am very reference friendly but I just need the gentlemen to communicate to me so I can work at finding him on my phone so the other provider gets the reference that much quicker. Having it take three days like that, well, it made me look "not reference friendly" and I don't like being seen that way as I like to befriend and assist other providers when I can. You know why? Because I know there is enough business available in which we can all share and I love keeping my provider friends safe. Providing references helps them and in turn when I need a reference checked, they will be there for me (at least this is what I hope though there have been instances that other providers don't seem to try too hard to "check" their phone or computer for the information). 

3. Please note that if you are someone that sees a provider once a year at best (maybe it's an annual birthday present to yourself), you likely will never have an easy time using provider references and will have to provide whatever other information the provider needs to get you verified.

4. Not every provider is "organized" or with it so you shouldn't take it personally if she can't remember you. Many providers upgrade their phones annually so many chat "histories" are erased as well as many lost contacts. Even with backing up the phone, you can still have some lost contacts. 

Finally, just understand that you need to do some legwork to get the references to work out, it isn't just up to the prospective new provider. If by chance, she still can't remember you after a "memory jog", swiftly move on and look at whatever other options there are to verify with the prospective new provider. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,