When visiting me, please make sure you get the address right and that you arrive at the agreed upon time. Please call or text me from your car before coming to my door and wait for my call or text back. If you are early, I will be in preparations to get ready for you including showering and clean up. I am fresh as a daisy for all my clients as well as minty fresh breath. Dont upset my neighbours by knocking on the wrong door. If you have a question about my townhouse entrance, please ask me.

If you’re running late or need to cancel, please let me know at your earliest convenience, preferably no later than 2 hours before. I really appreciate it as it allows me the time to fill that appointment time. If you cancel last minute (1.5 hours or less before), an E-Gift card ($50) or GiftRocket ($50) (email [email protected]) will appease me for the loss of donation and show you to be a worthy client that deserves another chance at another appointment at a later date. I understand that life does get in the way as does sickness. I don't want the germs so as soon as you wake up feeling unwell, send me an email or a text message. 

If you do not show up to a confirmed appointment and you do not cancel (it's called a "no call no show"), I will pursue a cancellation fee (through GiftRocket or PayPal). If unsuccessful I will keep your details and share them with other escorts (Yes, there is a Blacklist) to make sure they are aware of the disrespect you showed. It’s not that I hold a grudge, but I need to protect myself. Please don’t make appointments unless you are confident you can keep them. 

Before you visit, please don't ask me what you can bring. Surprise me or look at my Wish List for ideas. You don't have to bring anything as it's not expected but gifts are always appreciated. What woman doesn't like surprises? 

Please make sure you are freshly showered and clean. If coming from work and you need a shower, please tell me when you come in the door and I’ll show you where the bathroom is. If you smell bad or have bits of toilet paper hanging from your bum-crack (and a huge percentage of you do) I will ask you to take a shower mid appointment. If you have bad breath I will avoid being too close or intimate with you. I do have mouthwash available for all my clients to use in my master bath area for before and after. Please know that the cleanliness rule and minty fresh breath apply to both of us as I take my cleanliness quite seriously. 

Please let me know if you’re enjoying the appointment. You can use your words, your actions or your facial expressions. Telling me it feels nice, responding to me physically, smiling or even a satisfied sigh will make it easier for me to read you making me relax and enjoy the appointment more. I feed off your excitement. I get wet knowing you are excited. Tell me what you want, nothing shocks me and nothing offends me (at least nothing that involves only consenting adults ). I wont always say yes, but I often will. I am happy to explore your fantasies with you, but if you tell me what they are it will take away the guess-work. You’re paying me by the hour, it’s up to you how long it takes for me to find your secret spots. If I happen upon those hot spots, I do work hard to keep you excited and turned on.

I know you might be nervous and that’s okay, sometimes I still get nervous too. But I am a professional, I have done this plenty of times. Try and relax with me and let me take the lead.

I really only have the one rule and it's no greek islands. I don't change my mind on it even if you’re my regular. Please respect my limits and don't try to pressure me to change my mind during the appointment. I can suggest a couple of mature providers that I do know for future that provide this premium service for an upcharge (Yes, Greek Islands is a premium service that usually costs more). As my donations are very reasonable, it should be obvious that it is not included but my rates page does provide some detail. 

If you’re going to drink, take drugs or masturbate before our appointment, please do not blame me if you can’t get an erection or achieve an orgasm. In fact, don’t blame me for that no matter what the reasons are. Same goes if you cum too quickly. I do not rush my clients. I do my best to time my sessions perfectly, but you know that there are things beyond my control that affect your sexual function. Dont be embarrassed by it, you’re certainly not alone. When you’re with me there is no pressure or expectation, your sexual performance is only of concern to you. You paid me and I want to make sure you don’t regret it, so if you experience problems in any of these areas due to drugs or alcohol, prescription medication, physical reasons, emotional reasons or anything else, I will be happy to spend the session trying, playing, pampering, massaging, or whatever we negotiate, for you to have a successful happy ending. But please don’t expect me to perform miracles or give refunds if I can't. 

Be respectful of my time and the time you paid for. Remember you paid for a service, not just the sex. If you need a shower at the end or take a long time to dress or you want to sit and have a chat, please make sure you allow for that in your appointment time. Dont try to delay having an orgasm until the last 5 minutes and then expect me to go overtime when it doesn’t happen straight away. Understand that I may have other appointments but if you need longer we may be able to negotiate extending the appointment time (as long as no appointment directly after). My Rates section on this website does allow for longer than hour appointments and my rates are reasonable compared to many other providers. 

If you state that you want ninety minutes or two hours and we book that time, please understand that if you somehow don't want to use all that time (you cum quicker than expected and can't cum multiples), I have allowed that time for you. Please don't negotiate to pay only the hour fee instead versus the 90 minute or 2 hour fee. I had an expectation for that dollar amount and did not book anyone in the slot after you because you said you wanted to take the longer timeslot. 

If I gave you a great time, please tip me. Or at the very least, please tell me. I realize you have a busy life and there is no guarantee that you will be a regular but it does make me happy and feel good to be able to please my clients. I am a true PLEASER. 

Be discreet, if you see me on the street or in a store or a restaurant, please don’t approach me. Believe me, I extend you the same discretion and courtesy in public places as I would never do that to you either. Please understand that just as you may have reasons why you don’t tell everyone that you book escorts, I have reasons for not telling everyone about my work.

I look forward to your next appointment. 

Lots of hugs and kisses from your spicy, wild tigress,