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A few interesting tidbits of my week!

Well, gentlemen, this week I have been busily verifying new potential clientele and yes, more than a few new screening forms has come my direction this week. I am always grateful for those that fall of the fence. I had a couple of kind new gentlemen visitors that joined me at my place this week that seemed to have a wonderful time with me.  One of them said he would have never come to see me if I hadn’t had the verification screening process that I do. It totally proved to him that I was safe. That’s what I love to hear!

I did have to turn down two potential clients based on their background checks (both had completed screening forms).  One gentlemen had a bank robbery on his record from a few years ago. The other gentlemen was on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry based on a prior sexual assault of a minor (age 13 to 16).

That’s why I screen/verify carefully because I do want to stay safe. Screening isn’t just to rule out that the gentlemen is not law enforcement. I get so many that send me their links for their business/work websites which if their name is in does prove they have a job that is not in law enforcement. That is only part of what I need to know. I will continue to be vigilant not only for my safety but I have a couple of friends in the business that I share the info with so that they remain safe as well. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,