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A couple of issues regarding references and full service

There have been plenty of gentlemen providing references lately and many of the references are not answering me or getting back to me when I send the escort providers emails and texts asking for reference. I believe this is a side effect of the SESTA passage as many of the escort providers have gotten more territorial about their business. I have been told by one gentlemen that an escort he had seen had stated that she would provide him references for $75 per reference.

I am ashamed of those escort providers that are not answering back as I believe that now that the business has gotten more unsafe, we should be sticking together and helping one another stay safe. Providing references to each other only helps ALL of us. Helps the gentlemen and helps the escort companions stay safe as well.  

What can be done to assist in getting references to answer back? I have stated this before and I state it again here: Gentlemen, please contact your references and ask for permission to use them as references prior to contacting me and completing my appointment request form, email or text screening. Then when I contact them for the references, they will be ready and more likely to respond back with a reference for you.  

If you are a P411 member, please send me a request for an appointment through P411.  So many are contacting me other ways and it just is too confusing and lengthens the process. 

I have been getting more and more gentlemen asking if bareback intercourse is offered. I'm sorry but it is condoms for intercourse. I do bareback blowjobs but not bareback intercourse. I don't know of any escorts that do bareback intercourse as it is pretty strictly handled for safety purposes as condom use only for that. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,