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50 pounds off since 09/24/2020! I am looking and feeling better than ever! Hosting in Arlington Heights private residence starting Monday, Feb 24th!

Hi all, it has been a battle to get healthy and the last two weeks I had hit a plateau but today I am 50 pounds off from where I started September 24, 2019 via fasting and the Keto diet as well as I had been doing yoga and now added in Pilates and F45 Ttraining. The HIIT F45 training I think helped knock me off my plateau. I had started at 220 pounds on Sewptember 24, 2019 (with a BMI of 36 which is considered Obese) and I am now 169.8 lbs with a BMI of 26.6 which is still considered overweight but with what I am hoping I'll take 12 pounds more off, I should reach my goal of 157 pounds. I am 5'7", a tall girl so that would be height and weight proportionate for a 54 year old lady.

I am guessing those last 12 pounds will be difficult to say the least but I am up to the task. I badly need my gentlemen regulars and those fence faller's help to work some aerobic activity in the bedroom! I want to work out everywhere. 

So don't forget about me. This week I am hosting in the Arlington Heights private residence Monday, February 24th through Wednesday, February 26th! I'll also be doing duos in Arlington Heights on Friday, February 28th with Lauren Goode. 

Hoping to see many friendly long lost friends this week as well as some newbies and some of my dedicated regulars.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,