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New website is up: Please review that site and complete screening through that website.  This .com site will remain up during the transition. I don't own the .com so in OCTOBER it will get taken down. 

Without exception, I require all first-time prospective clients to be verified/screened. This is not only for my safety and comfort but for yours as well.

I am fully COVID-19 (Pfizer) immunized since mid-April 2021. 

My preference is for ages 35 and up mature clients (I see many seniors, even men in their 80's). For gentlemen ages 27 through 34, full screening via Appointment Request, email or text required but they must have two (2) provider references of reputable providers that they have seen in the past twelve months or more current, that have three or more advertisements and/or a website. You must ask permission of your provider references to use them before screening with me.

For ages 35 and up, normal screening via Appointment Request, text or email is acceptable. There are many screening options on the Appointment Request. Should a gentlemen have a social media/LinkedIN and work website presence, he can call me directly to provide that info to see if I can do the screening/verification over the telephone. 

I also can do a coffee place meet and greet to handle the screening in person ($120 for 30 minutes). For those gentlemen, they must provide their ID and business card before I sit down at the table to talk. Please book these a minimum of a day in advance as I do not always have the time available for same day coffee meets. 

I do outcalls but they are usually in the evenings any day of the week and basically it has to be either an upscale residence or hotel, no apartments or condos. My donations increase (minimum of 90 minute outcall) as my risk  increases once I leave my place of incall. See Compensation page before screening with me. 

I do not discriminate based on race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or religion but should any disrespect be shown to me via telephone call, emails, texts or in person, the person will be blocked from any further appointments or any further communications.

If you are a first time potential client, it may take me 24 hours to get back to you, but there is still a chance I can do it same day. Please let me know if you desire a same day appointment.   

My work hosting locations are Schaumburg, Lombard, Northbrook, Gurnee and Milwaukee. Days and Hours: Mondays thru Fridays 6:30am thru 11pm and Saturdays 8am through 12pm. See Schedule page for exact locations. 

For outcalls to clients, I do them Mondays thru Saturdays 11am thru 11pm to finer hotels, restaurants and upscale residences (no apartments or condos) and Sundays 7pm thru 11pm. These are booked in advance preferably 24 hours before once you have completed screening. Outcalls are 90 minutes to 2 hours appointments. I don't do 1 hour or less outcalls. 

Please note that I do understand discretion and will follow your directions on how you prefer to be contacted.   

I am senior friendly as many of my regular clients are in their 60's through 80's (God bless them!).  

In respect to your privacy, any information conveyed remains strictly confidential. I will purge screening information from my website once I have verified you.

For P411 members, please send me an Appointment Request directly from Preferred 411 site so it is easy to prove that they are P411 members. 

For RS-AVS or RS2K members, please provide me real first and last name from your legal ID, city and state of residence as well as phone number that RS-AVS has on record. 

Any astericked * items are required in order to hit the submit button. Scroll down for the "Appointment Request" form. 

If you would rather not complete the below Appointment Request form and would rather send your screening/verification information in an email, send it to: [email protected] If you would rather text the information to me via my telephone #847-254-2171, that is fine also. Just review below form and pick out what is applicable and text it. The last option is call me on the telephone and we can take screening information over the telephone.



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