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Why choosing escorts that verify and screen their clients is the right choice

I know gents, it is so much easier to not reveal anything about yourselves to escorts. I mean, why should you put yourselves at risk, right? In the gent's minds: "The gal could call my house, she could contact my wife, she could call my place of work, she could get me fired, she could rob me, she could be setting me up.." There is a lot of paranoia out there, the world has gotten wierder and we don't know what the hell will happen in the next few days or the next few years. "I mean this is just meaningless sex, a quick blow and go. We're not marrying the chick." 

So before you melt down at the questions the escort asks of you in the screening process or screening form, do understand her safety (yes, escorts can get murdered as there are serial killers that target them), her freedom, secrets (many don't tell their families) and living space (her apartment or townhouse rental agreement could be revoked and she'd be evicted) are all at risk if she get's arrested. 

The escort could also be keeping your freedom and reputation intact by her careful screening tactics. If she’s being targeted by the police, they may monitor all of her encounters they can track. By screening closely, she may avoid law enforcement attention, which keeps you free and clear, too. 

A message to all my regulars that see me:  Thank you for continuing to entrust me with your business. Without you and the security of you coming through my doors and knowing that you are safe keeps me going every day. I am doing whatever it takes to make sure I am not making bad decisions on who comes through my doors not only for me but for you as well. 

For those on the fence on seeing me and not sure if they want to verify: please note that you are missing out on someone special. Yes, I am very gifted orally and sexually, and extremely passionate, a great kisser. I am also a lot of fun to spend time with. I am very careful on who I see and it keeps BOTH of us safe. I do not seek to break up marriages, to call your office or home or to cause any drama in your life. Feel free to read my reviews TER 256588 (for non-vip's, on this site under REVIEWS) and on Escort Babylon (search Anita) as well as this Blog to see how real I am. 

For any escort you wish to see, even it it is not me, please do your research to make sure that you have verified there is no drama going on with them. Yes, sometimes they have some good reviews, but then they get involved in addictions and the bottom falls out. Anyone that has seen addictions up close can tell you that it usually makes an escort more money DESPERATE and causes very erratic behavior. Some resort to stealing from their clients to fence items to get the money to feed their addictions. 

If you call the escort and she gives you her address without asking much information from you, think twice about seeing her. Think with your BIG head and not your small one. It could be a trap, she could steal your money and leave or her pimp could beat you up and take whatever additional monies, or she could be being used by the cops to set you up. There are a lot of setups and "John" targeting going on right now. 

Thank you for reading and think safety!

Hugs and kisses from your loveable tigress,