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The Anita Diaries September 3rd thru September 9th, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! Your horny tigress here, ready for the start of the new week tomorrow. Last week I started the week with the Labor Day holiday and I was off. I do have a very active family life with lots of holiday parties so those of you that were hoping I hosted on Monday, sorry to disappoint but I don't work holidays. There are many escorts as well as many gentlemen that are maybe not near families for those holidays so of course there are still plenty of escorts that host holidays. My sister and brother's families hosts alot of holiday parties. The only damper on it is that neither of my sons could make it in town for it but I will be seeing them separately in the coming months.  

Last week was a great week full of fun, sensual frolic, naked body to body, lots of passionate deep french kissing, lots of 69, DATY and DATO, and this tigress got quite a fucking by a few clients. As I said before, I have a lot of oral clients but this past week I got some gentlemen that wanted to ride Penelope the Pussy.  Always appreciating the cock visiting that takes place.

I had verified gentlemen the week before that decided to visit this past week and from what the new gentlemen shared with me on the way out, all my new clients seems to enjoy themselves immensely. As usual, many regulars joined me as well. As always, I am grateful for my regulars. On days that could be slow, my regulars visit and it helps keep me from having really a slow period. Yes, gentlemen, many of these escort/providers do have slow periods. The great thing about me is I have built a great mix of new and old into my business so that eventually I’ll be able to just have “regulars” which takes the risk out of what I do.

I had many new light BDSM clients this past week as well as a gentlemen that had seen me once before and enjoyed the prostate massage and graduated to strap-on play. One of the new gentlemen wanted a role play, I was a nurse this time taking care of “Skippy”..boy does he look SWELLed! I do a great job of staying in character for the full appointment. I had a couple of gentlemen that really deserved spankings in addition to me fucking them.

I do a lot of tease and denial mixed in so these gentlemen do not get the release they seek until the end of the appointment. Yes, this mistress does control what happens in the appointment so the gentlemen have to wait.  I expect to be serviced as well. Mistress wants her kitty licked and Cleo the Clit sucked, lots of suction, boys! Trixie the twins, the titties needed lots of sucking.

Some gentlemen seemed to enjoy doing rimming on me too, lots of DATO being done to this tigress. Yes, I have no problem with it, I am always freshly clean for all my clients. My big fat booty can take a licking! I love my butt squeezed as well. A slap on it is even fine! I’m just lucky to have extra cushioning.

The other trend for this past week besides the light BDSM is the GFE, lots of passionate deep French kissers around. I only had one client this past week that did not want to kiss me and wanted everything covered. The rest of the week was all GFE, deep French kissing, and naked body to body, some gentlemen even wanted to massage me as much as I massaged them. I had one gentlemen that wanted me to shave him a bit down there and brought along his electric clippers. I have to admit, it was a first for me as I have never done that for a gentlemen. Maybe it turned him on more for a woman to do that for him. 

With the GFE, lots of oral done on me, DATY and 69, obviously I am known for my oral and gave Skippy lots of attention, loving lick and kisses and I was rewarded with my protein. As I said earlier, quite a few wanted to ride Penelope the Pussy and she never disappoints. Yes, I do work at my squeezing abilities. I had a couple of my favorite regulars join me, the one senior 70’s something got me to orgasm 18 times in the two hours he spent with me. He takes the cake for being voraciously hungry for pussy. He continues to raise the bar higher with every visit. He is a regular that schedules with me once every two weeks. Another of my regulars loves to fuck and definitely can cum multiples. A rousing fun time was had by all.

As I said in Friday night’s blog, a little disturbed at all of the hurricanes we have had lately and we are not done yet. I worry about my friends in the south (Texas, Florida and wherever the hurricanes hit). I am hoping that my clients that have homes down there (I have lots of regulars that are snowbirds) weren’t effected badly and their places stayed intact. See it is not just the money for me, these mature senior gentlemen that visit regularly or semi-regularly are such sweethearts to spend time with and I only want them to remain healthy and happy and to enjoy all that life has to offer. This really puts a damper on their abilities to travel down south for the six months of the year that they get out of the Chicagoland area.

As far as this coming week, I have a few new out of town visitors joining me for sessions that had verified ahead of time (Thank you!). Otherwise, those of you that have time open, please let me know. The gentlemen that have never verified with me, please note that those that verify ahead as well as regulars do get priority attention for appointments. It isn’t that scary to verify ahead and it works so much better in getting the new gentlemen scheduled for appointments. As said earlier, I have proton mail now so if gentlemen prefer to verify via email, contact me that way. I have had some gentlemen call me and we talked through verification on the telephone and it worked fine. I also have some gentlemen that rather text it to me. The only time I get aggravated are the unverified gentlemen texting the “Are you available” to me. I don’t answer them. 

Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,