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The Anita Diaries - June 4th thru June 10, 2017

Well, a wild week was had for this Wild Tigress, AGAIN. A quiet Monday and a blog I wrote on Monday did get all my regulars off their duff and many came in for the Wild Tigress fun (the ones that I could fit in, that is). I did meet some great new mature gentlemen this week as well (many out of towners, so obviously if they want to see me again, it would be when they visited the Chicagoland area again). A lot of kissers, I mean makeout sessions galore! My tongue and mouth was given a workout during those makeout sessions, but I LOVE that!

This wild tigress is such a lucky girl with the mature gentlemen I do get. They are so fun and just real gentlemen as well. Well, when it comes to the sensual exciting time between the sheets, there are no flies on them. They do know what they are doing with their mouths and tongue. Dining at the Y, well, there are no one better than those mature gents with the trained tongues. Many told me how wonderful my pussy tastes. I take pride in taking great care in the cleanliness of my body.  

I have my fair share of gentlemen that ask if I will go on a dinner date sometime with "dessert" after so I am in the midst of coming up with a special price just for that. This tigress does like to get out of the house a bit so it could work for gentlemen that have the ability to host in evenings afterwards (either at a hotel or a nice location, I won't go to apartment complexes, dirty areas or into the downtown city of Chicago). I do enjoy great conversation in addition to the sensual exploits of the bedroom. 

A couple no call, no shows and late cancellations this week. I will say it is very difficult not to get upset. I keep it classy unlike many providers that get outright mean and drama filled when gentlemen do that. I am not that way. But when gentlemen are like that and don't let me know at all or let me know last minute, I do block them on my telephone. In a lot of cases, I have gentlemen waiting in the wings for these appointments so it just makes it hard as I could fill that time quite easily if gentlemen can give me at least two hours notice. I have a lot of gentlemen that ask me to contact them should I get cancellations. I am asking gentlemen to keep it classy with me and I will always do the same with them. I am thoughtful and respectful of my gentlemen's time as I would hope they'd be with my time. 

Another thing, I have a mature senior gentlemen that contacted me that said he tried to put a review through for me on The Erotic Review but TER gave him the runaround. I just think they are being jerks because they hate me. Well, I have to keep it classy and stay out of interactions with them because I do need to remain listed on TER for my business. Again, it is the necessary evil and I have been trying to stay off TER as much as possible because I have a tendency not to "zip it" when it comes to injustices. Anyway, that's about all I will say on that subject. I guess I will remain at 80 reviews indefinitely but as long as my reviews show on there, at least a gentlemen can see that I am a real person and not law enforcement. By reading this blog, they should be able to see that too.

Really gentlemen, would I go to this much effort, put up a full website, have 80 reviews on The Erotic Review and write a blog almost daily if I wasn't the "real deal" as far as providers go? I mean I don't even photoshop my photos. Many gentlemen fully say when they come into my beautiful place in Schaumburg that I look like my photos. So no, I am not a liar and not law enforcement. So many still on the fence, for whatever reasons but there are more risks with providers that do not verify than those that do. I scare law enforcement away with my hoops. 

Anyway, I will say that I was thrilled to get back one of my "originals" from 2014 clients that had moved to San Diego and moved back to Chicago recently. He came to see me on Monday and boy was I happy to see him! He put this wild tigress through the paces (he has a ton of energy) but I matched him well, for being an old gal of age 51! He he! Yes, the only issue I have for my age is that I get the dryness that is common for post-menopausal women so I sometimes have to add a little more lube halfway through an appointment.

I know it's the dryness that many age 50s and up complain about and it's the reason why so many gentlemen in their 50's and up come and see me, well, because their wives have given up on sex. I hear that they feel "dried up" or "sex is just uncomfortable".  I do have to say that lube could save a lot of sex lives if women were to go that direction but I guess they think men will just "forget" about sex and just make due with Mr. Hand or a hand job once in awhile.  Yes, I don't get it because I know gentlemen will never forget about sex. And why should you all, really? Are we dead yet? I mean that kind of makes it seem like it. I love the body worship, the body adoration, the erotic coupling, long makout sessions, it makes us seem fully alive! Romance is not dead nor are the wild dates in bed! (He he, yes, Anita can rhyme!). 

So basically the heat has increased in more ways than one, both inside at Anita's pad and outside in the 90 degrees and up weather. Do know that I have my air conditioning running and my fan is on in my bedroom for the comfort of my gentlemen but I can't help it if we get sweaty from all the fun we are having, can I? Don't worry, both before and after showers are allowed! I don't expect my gents to leave smelling like sex! 

I do want to remind my gentlemen of this coming week, I will be doing doubles with Amy 34 Double EE on this Thursday June 15th 8am-10pm at Amy's Schaumburg apartment. We are fully invested in blowing and riding and totally giving our gentlemen visitors a great time! We work well together, in tandem so there is no parts of your body unattended for long and of course we both passionately kiss as well. As usual, if you are new, you would need to contact either of us to verify. It is painless but yes, necessary. Amy's picture is somewhere in one of the blogs from last week as well. Yes, we do have evening appointments available for those of you fence riders that can't get away during the day. Two pussy's, two sets of titties, two asses, many sets of lips in different locations (he he!) so what more could you want than that? We have voracious appetites for gentlemen's body parts. 

Also, a reminder that I unveiled some new hosting hours this past week for gentlemen that asked that I have an earlier than 8am start. I am now Mondays thru Thursdays 6:45am-6:30pm (last appointment 5:30pm) and Fridays 6:45am-7pm (last appointment 6pm), and Saturdays still 12pm-8pm. For the 6:45am start, I might be able to start as early as 6:30am. But do know that if you want the early 6:30 or 6:45am appointment, I would need to know the day or evening before. Otherwise, I would likely sleep until 6:30am or 7am if no one took it ahead. This tigress will get her sleep where she can as she does have the energy of a 30 year old. 

Anyway, the week went well, and this lady was tintillated to no end. Some men didn't forget about my titties, either, thank you! But the new week is starting so hopefully "Skippy" decides to get up and out of those drawers and have himself a wonderful time, wake "Daddy" up from his doldrums! Yes, gentlemen, cock time is necessary and this cock loving, cum slut is waiting to slurp you all up! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,