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The Anita Diaries - February 18th thru February 24th, 2018

Good evening, all! It has been an up and down week business wise. I had a great Monday thru Wednesday, a mediocre to bad Thursday and Friday and a great Saturday (yesterday).  All in all, I roll with it and just hope for the best. I know that every day can’t be perfect. On my open times, I spend a lot of time reviewing the received Appointment Request forms and some gentlemen prefer to verify via email or text message so for those, I adapt and it all works out. So many think goulish thoughts like how can I put all that information out there, but once it’s done and they fall off the fence and pay this wild tigress a visit, I’ve had quite a few say this past week that they were really glad they took the leap FINALLY. Yes, many have been fence riding for a year or longer and now they realize what they were missing.   

See what I find is that these middle and senior aged gentlemen are suffering without passion, without intimacy and without living out there innermost fantasies. In sum, no “Skippy” time. In addition, they crave conversations or just someone to share their thoughts with. I get the feeling that not only do they not have sensual passionate fun, couples don’t talk as much as they used to. Frankly, it is probably more due to family (“Kids issues”) and work stresses (the husband and the wife both have to work in this day and age). Yes, you all need to relax and just reward yourselves when you are able. That’s what the hobby does, it rewards you, just like your wife or significant other does when she gets her hair and/or nails done or gets a facial or massage.

So back to this week’s Wild Anita update.  On Monday, I had a couple of fun regulars come back to see me for my GFE sessions and a new formerly on the fence gentlemen that fell off the fence and finally got to see me for a GFE session. We can call it “make-out” day because I was literally deep French kissing all day long and I was having my pussy eaten all day long. The men just fall in love with “Penelope the pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”.  I have been told I have the “Perfect Pussy” after all. Even my natural saggy breasts with outstanding nipples get sucked an awful lot. These men have great mouths. I can’t get enough of them! So of course, they all received the gift of my fantastic “Skippy” sucking and ball licking skills, and rimming and playing with their ass, and the finale, providing me that protein shake. 

On Tuesday, I started bright and early for a 7am “regular” GFE client and had another “regular” join me for light BDSM fun at 11am, then a couple of new GFE clients joined me in mid and late day fun. Overall a lot of kissing, lots of pussy attention, lots of body to body and men just exploding all over. My late morning client had tried GFE the previous month and just wanted to do everything on the light BDSM side from me dominating him and making him service my pussy, my tittles and me face sitting on him, then I gave him a Golden Shower and fucked him with the strapon. Yes, I allowed him to cum at the end. 

The GFE clients of the day had again, wonderful mouths and boy did they spoil me with DATY, DATO, and even some intercourse sessions, which I appreciate as Penelope doesn’t get ridden all that much.  Some days it is all oral and then a day or two will have men wanting to ride me or I ride them, or they get behind me and do a lot of ass squeezing (thank you!). Anyway, all I can say is we are constantly in motion and the men always look like they need a nap when we are done, even if it just oral. I can go and clean my whole house afterwards, that’s how much energy I have. Quite amazing for a 52 year old, eh?

On Wednesday, I had a favorite regular, the “Pussy Muncher” join me again. He had a busy couple of months and hadn’t been back in awhile but he said he would be back more regular after his vacation. He needed to get “Penelope” off many times before he left so he literally attached himself to my pussy for almost two hours. We did do mutual, I also sucked him and he got me to orgasm sixteen times. It’s quite a feet but he is quite talented, his tongue roams everywhere.  Right after him, I had an out of town visitor from out East come back to see me again (second visit) for a 90 minute light BDSM strapon session. He usually starts out with me with more GFE and he had a ride on “Penelope” and then the second pop is usually the strapon part of the appointment. He enjoys the rimming and butt play and then the full out, me fucking him with various size dildos. I rewarded Skippy with some great sucking and licking as I was fucking him until he had a major explosion!

On Thursday and Friday, just a couple of clients (One regular GFE on Thursday, two new clients both GFE on Friday). I at least had some deep French kissing make-out sessions, naked body to body writhing, and some well received DATY sessions, mutual DATO (rimming), and I received my protein shakes. I enjoyed the new clients I had this week as we got along like old friends and I could tell they would be back, they enjoyed their times with me.

On Saturday, I had one new client and two regulars (all GFE), one of the regulars was from out of town, driving through and wanted to spend two hours with me on Saturday evening.  The new gentlemen had verified a long time ago but it just hadn’t worked out. He seems to enjoy himself and loved the make-out session, naked body to body and just lots of mutual two way street fun. He left with a smile on his face. The mid-day visitor was a longtime regular who is a bit of a wild man but with a soft heart. He and I always attack each other when we see each other because frankly, who doesn’t want to have a wild moment of tearing each others clothes off and just wild riding of one another, changing positions, lots of deep French kissing and just a monumental explosion, mutual orgasms. He was going through a difficult personal time and just wanted a listening ear so we spent the remainder of the time talking.

The last client on Saturday night was the two hour appointment with the out of towner and he just affixed himself to my pussy for most of that time. He and I had a nice make-out session and he spoiled me with dining at the Y where I achieved multiple orgasms, for most of the remaining time and gave me a wonderful massage (great hands) and then I gave him a nice licking and sucking and he gave me my final protein reward. I told him it didn’t even seem like a “session”, just two friends enjoying one another. Also, had some very interesting conversation as he has some great real life stories. That was a wonderful way to finish the week!

I did want to let you know that I had coffee with my friend, Lauren on Tuesday (not “Lauren of Chicago”, a different Lauren) and she and I will be doing a doubles session in early April (after Easter which is early in the month).  She wanted me to re-iterate that she isn’t attached to any one suburb (She doesn’t just host in St. Charles, but travels to various hotels in the west, northwest and north suburbs). When we do our doubles sessions, we will switch around on hotel locations to see where we get the best response.

Thank you to those gentlemen that brought me tips, coffee, wine and candy this week. 

Have a great horny week, all! Lots of sweaty, erotic, passionate coupling with Skippy getting blown.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,