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Reminder - Girlfriend Fun Day with Lauren on Friday, May 4th 9:30am thru 9pm in Schaumburg

To all, just a pleasant reminder of Girlfriend Fun Day with Lauren and I on Friday, May 4th, 9:30am thru 9pm in Schaumburg.

Right now, we have only a couple of gentlemen that have expressed interest but no firm appointments yet.

For part of the day, we will be at my place and if anyone expresses interest in evening appointments, we may go rent a room for evening hosting. If we don't have pre-books for evening times, we may just host until 7PM at my place and call it a day.

Because of SESTA and our limitations in marketing these wild days of fun with my girlfriends and I, we may have to just host shorter days even though I hate to exclude my 8am to 6pm business men. We can't afford to rent a room just to sit there with no one in the evenings. So because of that, if by Thursday evening, we don't have any prebooks for Friday evening, we won't rent a room and we then will end at 7PM. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,