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Girlfriend Fun Day on Friday, November 9th with SexyAss Jackie 10am thru 11pm

For those interesed gentlemen that have asked, on Friday, November 9th, SexyAss Jackie and I are together for a girlfriend fun day, 10am thru 11pm in NW Suburbs (my normal area). Donations $360 one hour two women and $300 half hour two women and the following upcharges only if applicable: Regarding any upcharges, see the following: For Greek (Jackie only does this), it is +$60. For double penetration fun (I use srapon on Jackie) +$60 and finally +$60 if fetish/BDSM/prostate massage/strapon requested. None of these extras are required but I wanted to disclose them up front. 

For our regulars, please contact either Jackie and I to set the appointment. As was the case with Lauren and I, I expect that Friday, November 9th will be busy.  

This will be the last girlfriend fun day for Jackie and I for the 2018 year. We'll be back together in January 2019. Due to the required changes to the websites, it likely won't be anything I can advertise on my website then. Sorry, everything will be much more difficult to advertise once SESTA becomes law. 

Just don't lose my information as I will always be entertaining! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,