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Ask Anita - Why aren’t you doing doubles with Amy anymore? I don’t see her mentioned on your “Girlfriend Fun” page.

I do get asked that question a lot and up until today, I have avoided answering it because I don’t like talking any negatives of anyone in the business.  I found out today by another escort provider that she has been sharing her share of negatives to anyone she talks to. So much so that I am starting to get a lot of escort providers not wanting to give me the references I seek for any new clientele. I don't know for sure if there is a connection but I have to clear my name here if indeed my reputation has been smudged. 

So here I am and I will explain as best I can without sharing any facts that have not been substantiated. A couple of months ago one of my best regular clients (he sees me twice a month for 2 hours each) asked me after having read an Erotic Monkey review that said information to the contrary whether Amy gave deep french kissing “make-out sessions” as he was planning on seeing her. I told him that I wasn’t sure that she did (I had read the same thing he did) but that he should feel free to ask her if make-out sessions was something important in his two hours (yes, he definitely LOVES kissing!). I know that he really has a limitation on the number of provider visits due to economics and I couldn’t lie to him and say she does do make-out sessions if I don’t know it to be true. Maybe she expected that I would. So that was the end of Amy’s and my friendship as he cancelled the appointment with her after that exchange.

I have since heard that she has blamed me to almost anyone that will listen (other escorts and clients) for the ruination of her business. I feel the need to share some facts that would definitely persuade you all to the contrary in that I would do no such thing. One single exchange with one of my best clients does not ruin anyone’s business.  Over the last three years of friendship with Amy, I have done the following to only help her in her business:

  1. Assistance in the Backpage (“BP”) Ad postings as numerous times she had difficulties that drove her to contact me when she had posting issues. It is one of the reasons we got to be friends in 2015 was because of our continued battles with BP. I either posted her ads from my computer or came over to her place to help her post.  I helped her numerous times to help her post her new pictures when she would get new ones taken.
  2. Helped her post her ads on EROS, TER, P411, Cityvibe (website no longer up), Listcrawler and Adult Search and add her new pictures on those websites. She wouldn’t have been advertising anywhere else other than Backpage if it weren’t for me helping her. 
  3. Her Amy34ee website, yes, I created that website for her too. No, she would have never had a website if it weren’t for me. 
  4. Whenever she was sick or ill (she doesn’t have a car), I took her to doctors appointments or any medical tests whenever I was able to. She needed to go for well appointments, yes, I took her too. 
  5. I’d come over to her apartment to be a support to her whenever she needed it in her “dark” moments and ordered dinner off my Grubhub account.
  6. Whenever I was busy and I couldn’t fit a regular client in, I told clients about Amy and gave them her phone number to call. I still do that, even in the last few weeks.
  7. Anytime Amy has texted me for a reference, I have always given the references to her, even in the last couple of months when we haven’t been talking otherwise.

So, after dealing with other escort providers being rude to me and/or not giving me references, I can only assume somehow that my reputation has been smudged unnecessarily. With that assumption, tonight I decided to speak up here on my stage, the blog that I write. I am not drama filled or a bad friend. I do whatever I can to help other escort providers in the business. I retweet on Twitter about other escort providers businesses whenever I can. I always give references to those that ask whenever I am sent a text, email or given a phone call by another escort provider. At this point, I feel with SESTA having been passed that escort providers have to help each other stay safe. I do what I can to help my regular clients stay safe as well. I know that gentlemen love variety so I don't hold it against any client if they want to visit with other escorts in the business. 

I am tired of the cattiness, bitchiness and drama of some of those escorts involved in the business. Those of you that have been responsive to reference requests, thank you! The bright spots are my “regulars” that come through my doors no matter where I am hosting (either at my home or at hotels), those genuine friends that I continue to hold close in my life and my pup and kitty.

I enjoy what I do. For at least the next few years, I will be that wild tigress, that humping impish, always sensually passionate mature wild lady with few rules and an engagingly fun, playful, happy personality.

Thank you for your support.

Hugs and kisses,