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Ask Anita - I have read so many good things about you. Would you ever consider traveling to other cities/states in the U.S.?

Good evening all. I get asked the above question a lot and figured I would address it here. There are a few reasons why it isn’t possible right now. The first reason is the limitation of advertising due to the passage of SESTA. With advertising on Backpage and it’s affiliates as well as the free advertising on The Erotic Review (“TER”), it made it much easier to advertise road trips for many escort companions. Without abilities to advertise on those websites, many escorts have had to cancel some of their travels or risk losing money on airfare, hotels, meals, etc. Right now the only way of escorts advertising their travels has been on EROS and Adult Search.  Many of the other advertising websites are just not high enough in the search engines.   

The second reason is that if I traveled regularly, I would have to increase my donations pretty much across the board on local incall, outcall and travels front. Yes, I am economical and reasonable but by no means lesser in skill than other companions. I am darn good at what I do and not at all lazy. Many gentlemen in my reviews call me a “pleaser” and that is the truth. Do I appeal to everyone, no. I have my critics on the TER Boards, many of those hobbyists gentlemen think a woman that is shaped like me (saggy, flabby) shouldn’t be in this line of work. So really, if I upped my donations, those same critics would come out and scoff that my body wouldn’t be worth the extra cash. I would rather not deal with those critics, thank you.

The third reason is that I have home responsibilities that I discussed last week and I have pets as well. I can tell you that after almost two work weeks in hotels, it is a lonely life. I seriously feel totally washed out after the last couple of weeks and I am looking forward to my weekend away starting tomorrow through Sunday.

Now I will say that if a gentleman wants me bad enough to come to his city and state and wants to pay my way for a weekend visit, I would consider it. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about losing money. A couple gentlemen have asked and even though I gave them good estimates, I think they thought I would do it for slave labor. I can tell you I am not as much as many of the “fly me to you” elite companions that say they are $5,000 to $8,000 a weekend. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,