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Ask Anita - Ever since I retired, my wife is around, it makes it hard to get out for my "hobby", what can I do?

Gentlemen, that's the biggest complaint I get is that as soon as retirement or even scaling back and working part-time, there is a lot less opportunity for "skippy" to have his fun! I sympathize, I mean, who among us needs more than a few hours a day with our spouses/significant others? It just becomes a honey do list around the house and a bit boring as well. Yes, gentlemen, even if you still have a little fun at home with the wife (I heard mainly missionary and a hand job maybe), it is quite necessary to come up with an excuse to get out of the house.

It doesn't mean that you are lying to her either. You should really take these new potential hobbies seriously and just stop off to see someone for some bedroom playtime on the way home or the way to these hobbies (notice I didn't suggest myself although I am perfectly willing to give you all the time of your life and I heard I am very good, he he!). Here is a potential list of hobbies that many are quite obvious but maybe you need to revisit this list as it is a beautiful day and who needs to be stuck at home?

1.  Golf (yes, I've talked about this one, but even if you've made an idiot of yourself a few times, this bug is catchy!). 

2.  Photography - get yourself a camera and head to the Arboretum or a zoo or anywhere that there is a lot of plants and birds. 

3. Gardening (yes, heading to the Hardware store, just down the street to Anita creates of openings, he he!). Also, see below regarding the volunteering. 

4. Fishing.

5. Hiking. 

6. Working out at health club.

7. Triathlon training.

8. Running and Running Clubs. Those in Schaumburg, Streamwood, Hanover Park or Hoffman Estates can run right by my house and stop and see me!

9. Martial Arts classes. 

10. Volunteering (it's a definite feel good to make a difference, retirement facility or at an animal shelter, or homeless shelter, etc.). Great at gardening? Did you know you could also volunteer at Lincoln Park or Brookfield Zoo's to assist in horticulture? Additional volunteer ideas: wildlife santuary, library, museum, symphony, back stage at community theater, forest preserve, etc.

11. Bicycling. Same as what I said above for running!

12. Basketball or Softball, any sport of interest that you can get on a team. 

13. Gun Range. 

14. Thrifting. Ever watch the show American Pickers? Browse antique shops and flea markets. 

15. Classic Car restoration. Yes, spend a lot of time going around and picking up used car parts. 

16. Paintball. 

17. Poker and Cards. (No, not really encouraging you to lose money but an evening with the boys can be a good excuse). I prefer strip poker myself!

18. Bowling. 

19. Taking classes at the nearby community colleges, park district or at the Arboretum. 

20. Dog sitting, training, etc. Man's best friend, spending time with canine friends is a mood lifter, just as cock time is, he he!

21. Yoga - Yes, I hear so many men taking these classes. 

22. Library - get yourself a library card and spend some time learning, the old fashioned way!

23. Walking. Nothing wrong with this healthy activity. 

I am sure if you sit awhile and think, you'll find ways to get time away and get "skippy" time too. No harm, no foul. I am a big believer in taking time for one's self and cock time is so important. Why women thing that their hubby's forget about sex after a certain age? To hear a lot of my regular client's tell it, sex is one of the top three things they think of every day. Where there is a will, there is a way. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,